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    Thank you
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    Well, I posted to this forum seeing that US Cutter is a distributor of the Ghost White and the Printer. One might think that other members would have some useful incite to my question. Much of the work I have turned down is single, one off shirts that by the time I pay art fees, shipping, exchange rate (to Canada 35% on the dollar) and taxes its not cost effective for me. That is why I'm looking into making my own.
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    Hi, I'm trying to do research on the HP M452dw laser printer and Ghost White toner. I've been doing cut vinyl transfers for many years and have had to turn down work because I could not "print" designs. This is a hobby that has potential to become a lot more. Investing in this process will set me apart from all the crafter cricket users I'm up against everyday on Facebook etc. QUESTIONS: Is the Ghost white toner compatible with Forever Dark/Light transfer paper? Forever seems to only say OKI inks are used. If not , what paper is recommended? Will a design software like INKSCAPE do the same job as AI or Corel? Thank you for your help
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    New to this Forum but not new to T-Shirt making. I have been making shirts for several years. I look forward to getting some useful info from all the members as I expand into the Ghost White printing realm.