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  1. Blue Line Design

    Hello from another beginner

    Thank you for the replies. I think I’m going to go with Corel Draw and SCAL Pro. I’ll be spending a lot of time watching Corel Draw and SCAL Tutorials since I’ve never used anything like either of them. Should be interesting to say the least and test my limits of learning and frustration, lol. Looking fwd to making some decals, stencils and doing some etching. Hopefully, down the short road, some sublimation equipment and experiments. I’ve been looking at the posted work and the constructive comments. I came to the right place! Thanks again
  2. Blue Line Design

    Hello from another beginner

    Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I should have used the term "Kit" not bundle in the original post, for starters. Based on my budget and lack of experience, I'm leaning toward the SC2 series. I'll have to really look more closely at buying the cutter and supplies separately to get more of what I need. I plan on doing a lot of practice cutting before I agree to make something for a friend or family member! My goal is to make decals for local Non-profits and charities( Am. Leg, etc). The Dept. I worked for and a neighboring Dept. both lost Officers in the Line of Duty and I'd like to offer my services to keep their memory alive as well. Being totally new and only slightly skilled with both Windows and OS, other than original design work, would you favor one over the other? Thanks for the tips and I look forward to learning from the posts on the forum!
  3. Blue Line Design

    Hello from another beginner

    I'm just a guy who retired early due to line of duty injuries and is looking to keep from loosing my mind. Looking to learn a new hobby not steal anyone's business. I've decided to play around making some decals and stencils for myself and family, so I came here. I'm pretty well set on the SC2 bundle for my Mac (since I don't have any design or artistic ability so I don't believe a PC is needed?). Hoping that since I haven't seen this in a while, you folks be willing to share me some advice to get me moving and keep me from getting too frustrated since I'm not much of a computer wiz. Thank you in advance for your help and I really enjoy the forum. Ray Upstate NY