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  1. Got it guys. Thanks, works perfectly now. I am sure I will have more questions.
  2. Skeeter was correct, I was sending it to a printer. I am sending it to the cutter in "Cuts 4" after making the basic lettering. Initially it was working but I have done something else to prevent the stencil mask from advancing. This is what I know. My rollers are down. There is plenty of slack in the material. The cuts are being made but only in a single line because the material is not advancing. The letter I'm trying to cut are about 3 inches tall. I know I have probably changed a setting somewhere. I reset to factory settings but I'm troubleshooting now. Bless you Skeeter working with us newbies
  3. Hey everyone, thankful for this forum. I have a new titan 53 inch vinyl cutter. I have sure cuts a lot pro 4. I have made a simple project with font, nothing elaborate. when I connect my Mac to the cutter via usb I go to file print and find the cutter under my printers, the titan receives the data, something is whirring but the belt does not move. What am I doing wrong?