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  1. Hello, I have a UScutter SC2 and have been trying to learn contour cutting. But I can't get it right. Here's what happens.. After I print the design and add the registration marks. I put the sheet into my SC2 machine and begin the Auto Detection of the Marks. Only my machine doesn't detect them, it puts it into a mode that allows me to move the arrows located on top of my SC2 to move to the 4 points. After that, I click the machine autodetected fine, all though it didn't really.. So after that, I click Cut. Sometimes it traces about 2mm off on the X, so I set the offset. Then I try again, then it is all smashed the next time.. So I try to use 4 point manual. Only, I can't control the laser with the arrows on the VinylMaster Cut to and the laser never turns on. When I try to do a FULL laser calibration, this happens as well. So I only did a quick laser calibration.