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  1. Haha no prob I appreciate your help a lot
  2. Well, leading a horse to water.... i said the key is green. The key is good. It is installed. It is correct.
  3. Ok so I’m downloading the software because skeet said I have to connect the software with the plotter. I’m so tired and I’m chugging coffee. I’m smart but tonight feel so brain dead.
  4. I got that but I’m installing the original program from the original disc..I’m not even online with this computer right now.
  5. Sign warehouse told me this key is not replaceable...when I start the program on my computer it has to initialize this the key and it does, the key lights up. So the key lights up just fine after authorizing with the program and my security code...
  6. I’m not sure what you mean. This sentinel key came with everything and I was given the security code... so I’m actually installing this older drive back on my older computer with the original key...
  7. Yes I have it all, I purschased it new. I’ve kept this darn key in bubble wrap no matter what port I choose, the led light will blink as it’s processing but still stays stuck on the v2.00swa. HL. Then write port error. VeLXI Master plus is the software.
  8. Ok I’m doing that now. I tried before but I’ll try again.
  9. I do have vinyl loaded and it was stored properly. I cleaned the interior with a paint brush carefully but diligently.
  10. This has to be close because I’m sending the job to the plotter and it says cutting in the job status on the program, the plotter flashes the green light, but then it says write port error. I’m sorry I’m so needy but it’s been a while and I’m determined to get this going. Thanks again
  11. After this I can’t push anything
  12. I set it to HL metric English and then pushed enter, it said initializing ended and to turn it off. Turned it back on and now it says v2.00SWA HL ▶️▶️▶️▶️
  13. Does that even look like a language though? I’m worried that it is jumbled because it is dying or something. I’ve reset a few times.
  14. Can I just say how incredibly thankful I am that you guys are responding? Thank you!!!!!!