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    wiring mh721

    hi Darcshadow, thanks a million for confirming this!!!!!!!!!!. I will be much more comfortable wiring it up with this knowledge , cheers Ben
  2. bjwalters

    wiring mh721

    thanks very much ! cheers
  3. bjwalters

    wiring mh721

    thanks so much for your replies !! is it possible to make any assumptions on wire that has fuse and switch along its circuit? (yellow wire in pic) Darcshadow - I have a multimeter but limited in understanding how to use it...What function do I use to test the voltage between earth and neutral ?, Im hoping to test without need to have any AC voltage involved !!! cheers Ben
  4. Hi , I have a refine MH721, The female plug socket housing cracked , and I was meaning to replace it. Today I moved machine and realised that I do not know how to wire it up, as wires have become dislodged. I am unfamiliar with the colour coding of the wires. I have a a yellow wire that comes via the fuse and on/off switch. There is a green wire. There is a green / yellow wire. If I had to GUESS I would go with- green - earth, yellow - active yellow / green - negative p.s. I don't know if its relevant , but im in Australia, mains electricity 240 volt cheers Ben