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  1. Derril

    Pix max Vinly cutter

    Hi, I am thinking of getting this PixMax Vinyl Cutter. I am a Graphic Designer who uses CorelDraw and Signcut Pro at work. Although I cannot afford a Vinyl cutter with a servo motor and I know this is a stepper motor. I would like to know how good this machine really is as compare to an MH721 to which I had also looked at.Does this PixMax cut small decals like your lego pants man on your control panel? Any cons regards its cutting performance or on certain materials?.
  2. Derril

    wiring mh721

    I went to use this machine the other day and it will not cut, as if the info isnt going through? I have had the cord tested and its all working fine, the cutter will cut on a test straight from the machine, so i am assuming it is not the cutter itself? I have uninstalled and re installed Art cut but to no avail If i try and do it through a LPT port do i need a specific cable or can i use a general printer cable? Its only a small job and 5 mins would do if the machine would work
  3. Derril

    Hello from a new guy

    This is reflects from the light on our camera. We tried to do something similar. And got a very similar result of combinations.That awesome! Looks nice!
  4. Derril

    Time to Upgrade Cutter

    hey We have a new Graphtec CE6000 cutter that we received last Thursday. The first thing I cut was a few letters and right away I noticed that the curved parts of the letters were not curing the way they were supposed to and straight lines don't appear to be straight. This is using text from Adobe Illustrator CS6 and converted to outlines, so the source is perfect. We fixed,but beware.Test it.
  5. Derril


    Hey,i`m new here. Have a nice day everyone!
  6. Derril

    pressure washer wand

    Any suggestion about pressure washer in 2018?Need something really quality Really need it,but do not wanna create another topic for this. Sorry,Thanks in advance!