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    I just feel like there is not a wide or great variety on Design Space (Cricuts software) for what I use it for. I am looking for much more variety than what Design Space offers. Again, I am new to this so I don't know which software out there is compatible with my Cricut Explore machine. I am willing to sell it and get a new machine with better software. I don't do crafts, only design shirts for my family and friends.
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    Hello. I recently purchased a Cricut Explore Air 2. My primary use for this is to make t-shirts for my family (my kids are multi-sport athletes ) for spirit wear. I feel pretty limited on making designs with the Cricut Design space. Does any one have and recommendations for design software that is compatible with my Cricut Air Explore 2 or, I'm even willing to sell my Cricut to purchase a different machine. I just want a good design program (with endless designs/fonts) for my needs with a decent machine. Like to keep the machine cost fairly low (around $300). Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks in advance!