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  1. I have had a creation pcut 630for around 7years recently after problems with it connected by usb( it would not recognize it at all no matter what even with new usb cable) i changed to a serial usb connector(serial port on cutter to comp usb) I have reinstalled the signblazer elements as I thought this may help (as if starting anew)all set up ok but cutting problems same as prior to installing signblazer again. I go to cut sometimes it will cut sometimes it only does the first few strokes, machine then says waiting then it resets itself and although the comp screen shows its tracked the whole cutting job it does not cut anymore it seems as if its going offline and resetting itself therefore interupting the cutting job. I can resend and it may cut in full 2 or 3 times then it just reverts to cutting first strokes etc as above Any suggestions so frustrated after 7 years of few problems thanks