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    AI CC 2018 anyone use it yet?

    For me, it feels like a minor upgrade. However, I do like the crop feature in it now. It does not help with cutting but it keeps me from having to go back to photoshop to crop. BTW, Photoshop has some really nice new features in CC2018. I like the little videos on the tools. It might get annoying with time though. Also, the select subject feature could become a real time saver.
  2. garyd3599

    Cutting software, I want your honest opinion

    Sorry I am late to the discussion Haumana. Anyway, the Cutting Master plug in for AI works great. I use graphtec because they are mac friendly. I wish my mimaki printer/plotter worked with a mac. PC interfaces are just not as elegant as mac interfaces. The Cutting Master is a good program but it is a little clunky sometimes.