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  1. Awesome thanks so much. I will try that software to see if that does anything. I went on the to the Seiki forums and seems this is a common problem with their plotter going back 8 years. I have a feeling I will have to replace it but first I will see if I can fix it. I wanted to get into vinyl cutting and found a package on ebay last year that had the plotter and a 5 in 1 heat press, not 8 in 1 like I previously said. It seemed like a good deal at the time. Live and learn. The cricut is great for my small projects like decals, mugs, shirts but I need the plotter for my big projects for sure like the signs, walls decals and vehicle signage I am getting into now. I am so thankful I found this forum. All of you have been fantastic, and i will be sure to ask for advice if I do buy a new one.
  2. Great suggestions. I am going to try different software. I have not tried a serial cable. I have tried tried different cuts, different fonts, shapes, tests, vinyls, pictures, texts, rebooting, etc. I will try different software and a serial cable to start. I have new blades and cutter protective strip on the way to see if that could be if that might be the issue. Worst case I get a new machine. Maybe going cheap on a Seiki machine was a big mistake.
  3. I do have the pen tool, so I have thought about testing that out.
  4. No it does not go up when I power the machine on....
  5. The sample I posted above was just a sample text (it says "Interstellar") in algerian font. I was just trying to cut something that I could post on the forum to get some feedback on. The same thing has happened on the test from the machine where is cuts a triangle. I put that software on almost a year ago so I don't quite remember but I think I did register it. I am new to this forum but not brand new to cutting vinyl. I have been doing it on and off for the past year, more on for the past few months but I have been using my cricut machine more since it worked better. Now I just have demand for vehicle decals and signage and and can't use that small machine for that. Like I said I have had problems with this machine from the get and have adjusted the blade way down because I knew it was out way too much. Do you guys think that it could be an issue with that software even though I'm getting issues on the test cuts run from the panel on the machine?
  6. I just thought of something else that I wonder if it may be a factor in my troubles. I am still using the blades that came with the machine as well. For all I know they were used. I am going to buy a new pack on US Cutter right now and try that and see if that combined with new cutting strip and getting the blade depth adjusted really well will fix my problem. Thank you for all of your help @Dakotagrafx! I will let you know what happens.
  7. It may be worth mentioning the person I bought from on ebays sellers name was/is bestfashionitem. I originally paid attention to that 1/2 of a credit card but honestly a lot of what I have done with that machine was just adjust a little and do a test cut. I will look at that link for setting the blade depth and perhaps I should go ahead and place an order for a replacement cutter strip in case that is the issue.
  8. Yes that is correct, those are the drivers they sent me, the cutting programs they ended up sending me was Sign Master. Art Cut is what came with it but that didn't work worth a damn so they emailed me the filed for sign master and that is what we ended up getting to work on the computer and were able to get the plotter installed.
  9. Okay got ya. I bought my vinyl cutter last April on ebay, it was a package deal with a 8 in 1 heat press. The heat press was kinda of crappy I actually bought a new one 2 months ago. I watched a video on adjusting the depth and from what I have read rule of thumb is 1/2 of the thickness of a credit card is how far the blade should stick out. Of course that depends on the vinyl. I take it out of the holder to adjust it. I've always had problems with this machine honestly, it's never been great. I use my cricut for smaller projects, mugs, shirts, stuff like that. Can't use it for big wall and car decals though.
  10. I have adjusted the blade exposure and no matter what the depth is it does this. The seller has not responded to me and doesn't sell this particular item anymore, of course. When the machine is off the arm goes up and down just fine. I don't think it's the arm is going up and down when it's running though because it's dragging the blade.
  11. It is the thin double sided tape that I use to tape the cutter strip back down. The font I was using on the cut was Algerian and the vinyl it is cutting on is oracal 651.
  12. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and wanted to reach out and see if anyone could help me figure out a problem I am having with my vinyl cutter. Unfortunately I did not purchase it here and went for a package deal on ebay when I purchased. Here is a picture of what the machine is doing along with a picture of the machine itself. This machine is a MH series cutter I got as a package deal w/ vevor heat press. Any ideas? I am so frustrated. Any ideas of what would cause this and how to fix this? The cutter protection strip was loose I cleaned that up real good and reattached with double sized taped. I have readjusted the blade a million times. It really seems like the the carriage is not raising up in between cuts like it should so it is dragging the blade.