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  1. Thank you for your reply, I will look at the tape roller. I will mostly be doing smaller things at first. I really cant think of anything bigger then a 24"X12" logo i would want to make off the top of my head. with the 12" cutter i was thinking about i would had just done it in half (2 sections) Anyhow well we have a Heat press. im sure its not what most of you would recommend its older. Not really sure how old. My dad used to make t shirts just from his Printer he had. I mostly want to do sign stuff. but would like to fool with T shirts for myself and family at least.I know this is a T shirt site but someone recommended this site to me over another one i was on. this site seems much better/nicer. Well i will be using my tax income money to buy my stuff, witch isn't a lot that is why i was trying to stay as cheap as i could. Thanks again Chris
  2. eprcvinyls

    Is the MH machines worth it?

    Thank you all, thanks i heard someone mention that in a video but wasn't sure how to spell. I like the sure cuts a lot but cant get my pictures in it.. then found a video showed you have to import them so ive got a few in it now... I will check out Inkscape also tho.
  3. Oh, Alright thanks for the tip... Im new tot his don't know everything, heck i barley know anything yet ha ha... A guy i used to know did some work for me did his out of the basement.. guess it was heated.
  4. Hey there, thanks for the reply so they call it a 28" but so does it really only cut 24" ? So this would be a machine that would last longer and easier to work over the MH series It will be going in a bedroom for now. Hope to get a building later if i end up doing lots of work or maybe get the garage cleaned out to put everything in it. Thanks
  5. eprcvinyls

    Is the MH machines worth it?

    Well, i want to be able to cut smaller decals for Cups and mugs and things like that mostly for family and friends for Gifts and such.
  6. eprcvinyls

    Is the MH machines worth it?

    Thanks for the info on here. I think I might spend the little extra and go for the SC.. I will do more searching about it and how to use it. software and such.. I did see that one of the machines does show the software i am using so guess its compatible with lots of the cutters
  7. eprcvinyls

    Is the MH machines worth it?

    Oh alright thanks for the tip
  8. eprcvinyls

    Is the MH machines worth it?

    Guess you posted while i was typing, oh alright so the SC is a better machine over the MH? I guess i should post in the SC section.
  9. eprcvinyls

    Is the MH machines worth it?

    Thank you for the input.. Does the MH have the ability to cut smaller sheets of vinyl one thing i am worried about is not being able to use scrape sheets i would have left. the Silhouette will cut down to like a 4x4 inch sheet. you can pretty much pick any size you want by telling it where in the 12x12 you need it to cut.. how long have you had yours? i wonder if the SC model is any better on not as hard to learn? I sure can't find many youtube videos on the MH machine mostly just the company's videos. Where do you guys buy your vinyl and what do you mostly use. I would want Oracal 651 at least for outside but heard the 751 and 951 are even better. Thank so much