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  1. Thanks for your input. Yes I can see the serial to com port adaptor in the device manager, I set it to com port 2 pointed the software to that port. I got nothing. I found one of the pins to the motherboard had snapped on the bottom of the USB port, I'm unsure whether this would also affect the serial port, but I've ordered a replacement USB circuit board, hopefully this will resolve the issue for me. Thank you for your help this far.
  2. Ok thanks, I'll continue to play around with it in the morning. If I have an joy I'll post here. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks again for the reply, that article is not showing on my phone, just the page header and footer.I will take a look when I get back to my office. I'm at a junction I think I either need to buy this cable? Keyspan Usb High-speed Serial Adapter 230kbps Pc/mac https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0000VYJRY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_QoayAbTHGKCZQ or buy a replacement USB/Serial printed circuit board. They're both the same price but I'm not 100% sure which most likely solves it.
  4. Thank you for your reply, Sorry I should have Explained the pictures a little better, the serial cable auto installs the prolific driver when I use it I just added the picture of that cable wondering if anyone could tell me if it should work or not. The device manager photo is what I get if I use the standard non serial USB cable that came with the machine. I have installed the USB drivers but no matter what o do the pc doesn't see the cutter
  5. Hello everyone, I’m hoping to get some assistance with the very same issue. I’ve just inherited an mh 721 cutter from a friend whom uses it a couple of times and got bored never used it since. Unfortunately they lost the driver disk, ive downloaded and tried just about all of the drivers available from various sources over the last week or so with no joy, I’m having the same issue when I connect it via the Ian cable I get the usb device not recognised message in device manager. When I connect it via a prolific usb to serial adaptor (not sure it’s the correct one, pls see images)I see the adaptor in device manager but still can’t see it as a plotter/printer/cutter. I’m tearing my hair out here ha. I’m currently downloading signblazer. But have a few questions. I know this is a finished thread but I’d really love some help and be eternally grateful if I could get an idiots guide to how this was solved! As a side note before I stumbled across this thread I did remove the usb circuit board and there’s no sign of any damage, not to say it hasn’t malfunction but no visual indication. Thank you I’m advance guys