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  1. Vinyl systems evolution

    Can’t find any reviews. Anyone use one.? Like dislike. Looks to be well. Worth the money 399 with a Servo motor ?????? anyone know what actual brand it is ?
  2. Vinyl systems evolution

    Is heat transfer thicker or something ? This is all new to me I’ll be doing race stickers and signs anyway
  3. Coupon codes

    Anyone know any coupon codes. K submitted my email to get the 10% but it’s been almost a week and no codes. Would like to save a lil bit on the purchase of my new cutter thks in advance
  4. New cutter ????

    I’m looking at cutters will the lp Il. Cut reflective or florecent? Looking for a cheaper cutter to do this. Not looking to do this as a business just mainly personal race car lettering thks
  5. New cutter ????

    Thks. A bunch. Now just the decision on what to order lol.
  6. New cutter ????

    What about these metallic vinyl’s. Will the lp2 and sc2. Titan cut those. Everything I read it’s heck on blades Thks for everyone’s info.