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  1. Hurricane Mark

    Proper air pressure for glass etching using a sandblaster

    I haven't looked at the siphon placement..i just know I have the bottom of it at the bottom of my pile of media in the cab. You are saying set the siphon exactly on top of the media?..not an inch or two in it?
  2. Hurricane Mark

    Proper air pressure for glass etching using a sandblaster

    I have a $15 husky brand air filter/water separator on it. Another issue is constant flow of media...i get a few seconds of media then nothing but air...then media...then air..its frustrating. The cab comes with 3 different size nozzle openings...ive used the middle sized one and larger one thus far...they both work about the same with the lack of stead stream of constant media. And suggestions to help remedy that also?
  3. Hurricane Mark

    Proper air pressure for glass etching using a sandblaster

    could i use the same psi for 80 grit?
  4. I am new to glass etching and I am using a sand blaster. The $180 harbor freight blaster with the modifications you can see on youtube. I lso have a Dust Deputy and a 5 gallon shop vac. I have a 26 gallon craftsman air compressor. I am using 80 grit aluminum oxide blast media. I am blasting onto glass mugs and using 651 vinyl for my designs. I have yet to find a proper answer for this after searching the internet so I joined this site to specifically ask this question: What air pressure should I be at with my air compressor to do this glass etching?
  5. Hurricane Mark

    Which vinyl has the strongest adhesive?

    I am new to vinyl cutting. I purchased the Silhouette Cameo 3. I am experimenting with sandblasting onto glass mugs. (80 grit aluminum oxide in a blast cabinet) I am currently using 651 vinyl which weeds very easily but my designs are very detailed and in some images I have small parts of the design that are having trouble staying adhered to the glass when i sandblast. Granted, I am fully aware that the air pressure is an issue and I am adjusting it to dial it the correct pressure to use. I will blast the same design and say 2 out of the 5 glasses one or two small areas of vinyl will fly off during blasting process....sometimes before i even begin to blast the small pieces will shift or move or just won't stay stuck on the glass. I am applying it with transfer tape and putting pressure on it on the glass with a combination of a squeegee and my fingers. My question is, is there a vinyl out there with stronger adhesive properties than 651? If so, what do you suggest?