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  1. I used air to blow off any debris or dust but the problem has continued. No time today but will try diagnostic mode again as well as factory reset later this week and see how that goes. Thanks!
  2. Nothing unusual. Worked fine on Friday and turned on this morning and it would not read a roll, just keeps feeding out. I did manage to cut some stuff using the sheet option so at least I can get by for now. I can def try the factory reset, will that disturb anything else of importance? Thanks!
  3. Ran into this issue myself this morning. I had hoped to run a diagnostic but could not get in to the menu to start it. The vinyl plotter is pretty crucial to my job (graphics @ IKEA) but I don't think I really have the time to be troubleshooting with the rest of my workload. I put in a notice to our IT Services but I'm not holding my breath with that. Does Graphtec have folks that do service calls or am I pretty much on my own? Thanks for any info!