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  1. Hi all I'm new to all this as my mate give me all his vinyl and sub Equipment before he moved abroad, I have bought Vinylmaster cut v4.0 and am looking to practice vectorising a image, I have followed online videos but on my tool bar it doesn't show a vectorise icon like it does in all the videos, how can I add it sorry for the dumb Q regards chris
  2. welshnutteruk

    Newbie Needs Help

    Many Thanks MZ, i did a logo in inkscape of a dove and daughters name and then printed it through a trail of signcut, thing is i medically retired and im looking to do this as a hobby just to give me something to do. i downloaded Gimp and had a play with that on how to trace and vector in inkscape Regards chris
  3. welshnutteruk

    Newbie Needs Help

    Hi many thanks for your reply, I downloaded the trial of vinyl master basic, and can do a design in it and i can get the cutter to print thier demo logo, so would i be better off using vinyl master as its £45 so dont mind spending that just to get me started Regards chris
  4. welshnutteruk

    Newbie Needs Help

    My Apoligies its corel photo i have. so would vinylmaster cut basic be a good start software to by at £45 regards chris
  5. welshnutteruk

    Newbie Needs Help

    Hi all forgive me if this is posted in the wrong forum, Ok a friend of mine emigrated and has given me his heat press and pixmax 721 cutter (both work fine) i have set it up on my PC with the drivers but unfortunatly the software was on his laptop, as a newbie i have looked online at software(dont mind paying), but as a newbie what software is very easy to use i have had a look at signcut pro and vinyl master cut and also he told me to look on eb@y for signcut pro, but being a newbie i downloaded signcut pro as i have corwel draw all ready on PC but when i opened a logo ui have for rugby on my pc in corel and saved it as a svg signcut wouldnt open this so can anyone help with whats the easiest software to use, I klook forward to your replys and many thanks for your help Regards Chris
  6. welshnutteruk

    Hello All

    Hi folks i have a pixmax 721 and a pixmax heat press, i also have a sublimation printer