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  1. tonestar


    what format do I change pics to. to cut out
  2. tonestar

    CUTOK version

    I tried everything and every driver in the end it was the usb lead. I tried a new one and windows 7 found it straight away. hope this helps.
  3. tonestar

    help plotter

    creation pccut ct630 is the driver that worked
  4. tonestar

    help plotter

    hi guys just a quick question. what format do i have to use to cup/plot with my lynx plotter
  5. tonestar

    help plotter

    thanks guys i finally got it working downloaded signblazer and picked a totally different driver and it worked.
  6. tonestar

    help plotter

    i downloaded lynxcut. installed it it does a test cut but can`t setup proper so it will cut because isnt in english. can`t find english version anywere
  7. tonestar

    help plotter

    no didn`t see it working lady promised me it was working. stupid me.. thanks for link
  8. tonestar

    help plotter

    hi.. it`s showing keyspan in device manager and picked correct port it`s got me pulling my head out.
  9. tonestar

    help plotter

    got all the right leads but still stuck on 0% cutting when i abort says cannot open port...
  10. hi could you send me a copy of this thru pm please been pulling my hair out for weeks now.

  11. tonestar

    help plotter

    thank you
  12. tonestar

    help plotter

    it is an old plotter. so do you suggest i use a later flexi
  13. tonestar

    lynx 1360

    hi can anyone point me in the right direction for lynx 1360 plotter driver please.
  14. tonestar

    help plotter

    the only thing is my plotter is lynx 1360 and all i can see in flexisign is lynx 30-s and lynx 60-s and lynx 132-s
  15. tonestar

    help plotter

    hi.. com ports are matching. i`m using windows xp. flexisign pro v1