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  1. thanks guys i finally got it working downloaded signblazer and picked a totally different driver and it worked.
  2. i downloaded lynxcut. installed it it does a test cut but can`t setup proper so it will cut because isnt in english. can`t find english version anywere
  3. no didn`t see it working lady promised me it was working. stupid me.. thanks for link
  4. hi.. it`s showing keyspan in device manager and picked correct port it`s got me pulling my head out.
  5. got all the right leads but still stuck on 0% cutting when i abort says cannot open port...
  6. hi could you send me a copy of this thru pm please been pulling my hair out for weeks now.

  7. thank you
  8. it is an old plotter. so do you suggest i use a later flexi
  9. hi can anyone point me in the right direction for lynx 1360 plotter driver please.
  10. the only thing is my plotter is lynx 1360 and all i can see in flexisign is lynx 30-s and lynx 60-s and lynx 132-s
  11. hi.. com ports are matching. i`m using windows xp. flexisign pro v1
  12. is there any chance you can pm me with instructions to set up .
  13. hi setup my null cable and keyspan when i click send says cutting for ages nothing happens when i cancel it says write error port
  14. no probs i`ll order a null cable as well just to be on safe side..
  15. just found out it is a null cable i need will the one i ordered be ok