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  1. I have not messed with the tension of any parts so no worries there. the issue can be duplicated without even using the vinyl anywhere near the blade. I nornally load in the middle of the machine. Should it be loaded on the side more or does that not even matter? Im actually loading from the middle of the machine so i never even get the pinchers close to the edges
  2. i dont have much vinyl on a roll...most times i order it by the yard and its just hanging behind the machine.
  3. Anytime I run vinyl thru it always starts to drift to the side and never stays rolling straight. Ive checked the built in measurment guide for accuracy and place the vinyl dead on the mark but the more it rolls the further off it gets...any tips or pointers towards my problem
  4. awicky85

    Noob from Arkansas

    appreciate it
  5. awicky85

    Noob from Arkansas

    First timer vinyler from Arkansas. Got an sc series and a heat press. Havent ventured to the heat press yet jus trying to learn the software and getting comfortable. Any helpful tips tricks or links would be great. Preciate ya
  6. awesome...appreciate the help
  7. after posting this i found a article where he wrote that lol so I will be adjusting and trying again. Preciate it...curiously whats the smallest youve been able to get cut? I am using the disney style font and the "o" and "i" always pull up on me
  8. I have an sc series I just got and have been playing with. Setup was done according to the instructional videos and the machine works great until it comes to small lettering. I have tried adjusting the blade depth up and down hoping to find the sweet spot. So far ive gotten my letter down to 1.10 inch and it has to be "normal" text. if I do any kind of cursives then I have to raise the font to 1.25 and even some letters still pull up during the cutting. Is this normal or is there something i should be doing differently. First timer here and just dont know the rules of the cutter yet haha, thanks in advance