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  1. McRican

    Hello!!! From Florida

    So... i decided to read others introductions after my post of course. Well i am looking to buy a vinyl cutter like yesterday. I am using inkscape atm but i do plan to go open a shop like i said so any recomendations on a cutter or programs will be greatly appreciated im using inkscape because is what i know to use but i can always learn right? As far as the vinyl i will be doing t-shirts as one of my main things but i would like to do vary large letters (2 to 3 feet) and windows for businesses etc.
  2. McRican

    Hello!!! From Florida

    New to the world of vinyl. Hoping to learn more from this great forum ,which is full of information. Planning to open my own place soon and hopefully with some reading and some new friends i can make the right choices.