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  1. waynemad

    correct size in AI

    thank you will do
  2. waynemad

    correct size in AI

    Hello Bit of confusion I'm afraid when I follow the instructions to calibrate the cutter the box comes up with cut measure rectangle 300mm x 300mm but the width box shows 300mm and the height box 500mm, but even if I change the 500mm box to 300mm it still cuts 500mm but if I try to cut an image the size is way out any ideas
  3. waynemad

    correct size in AI

    Thank you so much been pulling my hair out
  4. waynemad

    Newbie from Leicester England

    Would just like to say hello new to all this so will be asking loads of questions I am sure
  5. waynemad

    correct size in AI

    Hello all Really need some help here I am using AI and sign cut pro, when I come to cut the image the size is different (a long way) from the size I put in, the height and width boxes set them to mm 300 x 300 but the image comes out 370mm x 270mm. As you can tell really new to this been looking around google now for 2 days and cant find an answer please help