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  1. It appears that all I had to do was click on each star individually and vectorize. Got what I needed. thanks Camel
  2. I was wondering if that would work. Yes, I've tried selecting all, same results. I'll try to vectorize one and re lay all 50 stars and see if that does it. Thanks
  3. I am trying to create the star field, like on the American Flag. I set the size I want, turn on grids, import the star image, copy and paste 49 more, and lay them out nice and neat, When I click on Image and select Vectorize it opens the Open File menu Here are a couple screen shots There are several images that In have been able to import and vectorize immediately with no issues, I'm thinking that it may have something to do with multiple images, but can't find anything in settings that seems to do anything. Reading through other threads I have tried changing the imported file format from a PNG to a JPEG with no success. Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong, or offer other suggestions to try? Thanks
  4. Thanks. I'll check that out. My cutter is not at my house, but in my shop which is a 20 mile drive. I got there this morning and intended to try the offline-origin-online thing and completely spaced it off... just got too busy too fast and forgot all about it. I WILL check out this other software though. Thanks
  5. I am using Vinyl Master Cut 4.0. It;s what I was able to download after purchasing this cutter. I'm pretty sure I tried what Slice&Dice suggested, but honestly not sure. I'll be working with it more today and will try that again Primal Decals. Looks like the software has an "Advance After Plot" setting, but doesn't seem to let me set the distance
  6. I just bought an MH-871 cutter and got it set up and started cutting pretty quickly. I love this thing, but I am having a small issue that I have not been able to correct and I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. If I cut a stencil , and try to cut a second one it rolls the vinyl back and tries to cut over the same area. If I run one stencil and cut it off and try to print another it rolls the vinyl backwards and out of the track. I have tried tried reset, origin etc and it seems the only thing that works is shutting it off and turning it back on. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance