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  1. BIG THANKS to Camel for very quickly solving my problem with Vinylmaster. I've literally lost sleep over this by staying-up fighting with it...gonna rest well tonight.  #props

  2. BigBen

    Cutting Sideways

    SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!! Thank You! I'm still confused how re-installing didn't fix this...and the feature is TERRIBLY handled. But here's the scoop. There is a "Change Rotation" option in the settings that I had overlooked. If you click this, the menu goes away, but you get no other feedback. There's no check-mark next to it like there is Inches above) to indicate that you had clicked it. So I must have clicked this by accident at one point in the past couple days. Maybe. In any case, thank you! THANK YOU! #sanityrestored
  3. Something has gone haywire. I've had my Titan 2 and Vinyl Master Cut 4.0 for about a year; all's well. Then Monday it started cutting sideways. The initial preview in the spooler looks good. The "Advance after cut" line is shown, and the orientation is what I want (arrows pointed down, which really means the leading edge of the vinyl). When I tell it to cut, the Advance line goes away. Using a pen in the plotter you can see what I get out. The arrows are facing SIDEWAYS. The designs seem to be cut properly, but unfortunately they run off the side of the material, because my design was taller than the 12" width of my vinyl. I verified that this is not a cutter or driver problem, because I can cut from Sure Cuts A Lot and things do fine. So I uninstalled and re-installed VMC...but the problem persists. I put in a trouble ticket to USCutter, and have gotten no reply in two days. I called their tech support phone number and the hold time was 60 minutes. haha Any ideas? Thanks for your help!!!