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Here's a link to Signblazer downloads.


I'm having trouble with this link.  I tried to load SB 7.0, but I keep getting warnings about unknown app, etc.  I bypass them and go on but when I try to install it fails to install and says that the setup engine is not available.  The other file for USCutter loaded, but keep wanting an activation code and the MH871 doesn't show up.  I have the SB 6.0 installed.  Is SBlazer better to use than the Cut software that comes with the MH871?  Thanks for any input.

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There really is no SB7.

SignBlazer was only at version 6, when the developer passed away suddenly. That is the last point it exists, and USCUTTER had to seek an alternative going forward.

In order to bypass the registration scheme (since there no longer was a company to register it with), the installer was 'cracked' by a programmer and that code is now seen as 'malicious' (or a trojan) by anti-viral defender software that most computers implement today. Although there is really nothing inherently dangerous with the SBE installer or program, it will show as 'dangerous' and be quarantined by the protective software guardian.

If you have v6.0 running (without the start-up nagging/registration screens) then leave it alone, no need to do anything. SB7 is v6 with the crack.

In answer to your direct question, VinylMaster is robust, supported and updated, and fine to be working with on your MH871. No need to change horses in the middle of the river.


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