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Hi all, I have a few pieces of clothing that have what appears to be a thick iron-on media, I've attached a sample. Is there a product like this that can be cut with a vinyl cutter and ironed on? I would assume it would need a couple passes I'm the cutter to cut through!

Any guidance is appreciated!


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Yeah Brick comes in a few different thicknesses. USCutter used to sell it in the 1000 but I think they just sell 600 now. You can still buy the 1000 direct from Siser (or you could last time I checked). I have a few feet of it in both thicknesses I bought to play around with.  It is stiff though and hard to get the heat to the adhesive properly. Stahls is making a new heated lower platen than would do better than a standard press.  What that picture shows is probably silicon custom built. It's think and more pliable. I have not seen it for sale as a cut-able product but someone may know more. 

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