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no honor

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Guest blackmagicat


Why must I AND 9 others suffer for Seller's mistake? We Clicked .. BUY IT NOW! So Disappointed
10-05-2017 05:59:58 PM

The seller backed out of a buy it now sent me a refund.    But ruined my birthday.  They should proof read their own add before posting.

This company said they were holding a mass sale for 70% off purchase & they were selling them out at $59.99 buy it now. How do you write all that and make 10 sales & claim it's a mistake?

As you can see on the add they sold 9 MORE of these.

That means 9 other people got their plans destroyed by this seller.

My birthday money my mom gave me is held up 9 days I have no access to it.

Me and my band mates were going to use the money for a printpress to make shirts and give them away at a free show we are putting on for the survivors of the Las vegas Massacre. 

Well we're still doing the show but there will be no give away cause the money is all tied up now.

I can't even try to do something good without it getting messed up somehow. It just sucks! lies 1.jpglies2.png


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Re: Why must I AND 9 others suffer for Seller's mistake? We Clicked .. BUY IT NOW! So Disappointed
in reply to blackmagicat 10-05-2017 07:05:51 PM
So this is the reply I just received from seller : signsupplycloseout

Hello, We cancelled your order because the price was not correct. There was a glitch in our system that has just been resolved.
We are sorry for the incident.
We hope you will understand. Thanks. USCutter

REALLY!!! A glitch in YOUR system? How is that the buyers fault? Honor your sales!
When a buyer clicks BUY IT NOW we can't just say uh oh I made a mistake I don't have enough money to make that transaction.
The money comes straight out of our account and we'd probably be banned if we did.

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CURIOUS,  what was the excuse on the refunded money from Paypal?  Or Ebay reason to cancel.  ?   There is only 3 reasons they can cancel.   Out of stock item damaged,    buyer asked to cancel..  or problem with address you gave them a positive feedback for ruining your birthday  and backing out on the deal?.:wacko:  

There were 9 sold,  BUT they were not sold at $59.98  And they were not sold today.    Look at the bidding for sold.     I agree they should have honored it.  

They payed full price  $199.98, some a little lower,   except back in July   Only 1 sold (YOU)   at $59.98    c***i( 167)US $59.981Oct-05-17 10:36:48 PDT


c***ns.gif( 1 ) s.gifNew eBay Member (less than 30 days)US $199.981Sep-13-17 10:25:15 PDTs.gifs.gifs.gifl***as.gif( 349Feedback score is 100 to 499)US $199.981Sep-08-17 11:18:18 PDTs.gifs.gifs.gifa***ns.gif( 3 )US $184.991Aug-24-17 18:33:12 PDTs.gifs.gifs.gifs***vs.gif( 106Feedback score is 100 to 499)US $184.991Jul-18-17 11:37:47 PDTs.gifs.gifs.gifo***gs.gif( 3 )US $74.991Jul-05-17 16:47:21 PDTs.gif


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