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Hi all, looked through the forum, saw some older posts about this, but would like to hit this topic again, as hopefully new solutions. 

I am looking into trying to Print with my inkjet printer, and then laminate it, and then cut it in my Graphtec FC7000-100.  

SO questions are....

1. What program could I use, that hopefully you have experience with using (can be paid program obviously, does not have to be freeware)

2. what materials would you recommend?

3. The overall process you do, and how well does it work?

thanks in advance!



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you can use vinylmaster pro

some use aqueous vinyl that has been coated to accept water based ink to print using pigment ink and then laminate for personal use - not recommended for sale as the coating will break down and that is what usually causes the failure in this system.

I saw some on a boat that had been there a year that were just starting to break down but with solvent, latex or thermo resin you will get over 3 years unlaminated and up to 8-9 years laminated with the right material

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Thank you for your response.  any links to tutorials on vinylmaster pro? or youtube links etc?

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