Ca't post, reply or use many buttons

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Since a day or so ago, I can no longer reply or post or use many of the buttons on the forum. Obviously a javascript problem. Why? Because it's only the javascript functions that don't work and I can post this by disabling all javascript (or I hope so anyway).

Tried in Explorer with same results. Back to Firefox ver 50.1.0 on XP SP3.

I have no idea yet if this is only a problem my computer which would be odd or some "update" to the forum. I'll keep looking into things here though. At least now I know how I can post, but not having the working javascript impacts the forum considerably...

Just thought I'd mention this problem now that I figured out how to get around it. Who knows if there's anyone else out there who can't post too?


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Maybe I solved this...


I had already tried clearing my browser cache with no good results. Then, out of frustration, I opened the forum in a private window. It all worked as usual! I looked into the difference of a "private window" No cache of course, but also no cookies! So I deleted all the forum's cookies in firefox. Came back in a normal window and things are working again. I have no idea why a cookie screwed up the javascript functioning? But as of right now, it all works again (although I still can't use the emoticons...)


I have absolutely no idea why this also affected explorer? But who cares ;)


Hopefully this is a fix and not a bandaid...


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Turned out to be a band-aid...


This is the cookie that I have to delete in order to use the forum.


Unfortunately, after deleting this cookie, I have to sign back in...

and apparently that wasn't the only one... Ah-well...



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