Newbie Laserpoint on Mac Mavericks. ADOBE CC need assistance ASAP.

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I just bought a US CUTTER Laserpoint from a friend and need help installing and setting it up. 


Here is what I have set as of now.


Adobe Illustrator CC with Signcut CC Plugin installed and functioning properly.

i have sent over, Saved Down (CS4 i believe worked?) EPS files that have worked and loaded into Signcut. Need a good video to help set my illustrator file alligned also.. if someone has a good video or details for that. (Illustrator specifically.) 


A 7 Day free trial of Signcut Pro for Mac. Installed and working. 

Any suggestions if this is the best program for the job i'm dealt with.. (Compatibility, Price(looking for least expensive way to set up. Im on a broke college student budget at the moment)


US Cutter Laserpoint, with drivers installed but, have yet to make it work. - Connected Via USB

A video helping me get the Signcut to read and print from my Mac (any plugins, or other 3rd party apps needed to get it to print from my Mac 


Aligning The Rolls

I have rolls of vinyl so I need assistance Aligning loading the roll if anyone can direct me to a good video for that, specifically for the Laserpoint if possible. 


Thanks guys I hope this isnt too much info. I have just having a hard time getting specific videos for these topics. figured this is the place for that. 


Any Tips and Pointers, Vinyl suggestions, ETC would be AMAZING also

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I don't have a bunch of vid links but do some searching on Youtube and you will find plenty.


Here is what I CAN help you with:


On your 7 day free trial. It comes with tech assistance and they are very savvy so use it and they will work you through the hookup. With the CC plugin you will be able to cut right from Illustrator CC. It will link you right to signcut and you can cut from there without any other hassles. signcut is superb for mac, probably the best option out there in fact, I know because I recently spent a few weeks researching the mac vs windows options and the mac stuff is limited. Signcut will do either and it's a great cutting utility. 


You shouldn't have to save down your files but if you do want to just save them in a version that will open and cut without any problems then save them down to Illustrator 8. That is the best version to just open in signcut and cut. If you are having any issues with the CC plugins then you might try that to get your cutter up and running while you wait to hear from the tech support. Signcut should hook up to your cutter easily since they used to come with a years subscription to signcut back when I first bought my first cutter which was a P-Cut. I think the laserpoint is just a P-Cut with a laser added (not positive about that) Good solid machine though and a great starter model. 


I don't know your skill level with Illustrator but if you know your way around it at all it's a great program. Tough on beginners but worth the effort to learn. I am still running CS5 which is a couple upgrades older than the CC but most of the basics are the same. (you will have a few bells and whistles I don't) Biggest thing to remember is your cutter only see's lines. Use the view menu to toggle between preview and outline and you will see exactly what the cutter is looking at. If the lines don't look right in outline mode then you have something wrong like colored lined (line weight) which won't transfer over. If you are able to get the plugin to work correctly then you won't have to worry about converting text to lines because the plugin will take care of it. Other wise you typically have to convert all your text to lines and curves before you can cut. (you will have to do this in those illustrator 8 files. Live text won't make it through to the cutter. 

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If you let them know that you have not been able to fully utilize your free 7 day trial I would bet they will extend it so you can actually use the program for a week if you ask them. SignCut folks are great to work with. 


On the youtube vids I would not get too worried about having the exact model that you bought. They are basically the same with only a few differences, especially the budget models.


You might want to check out some vids on how to weed and lay the transfer paper on too. There is a certain amount of learned skill that you will have to acquire the hard way and any tips from video you can get may save you from making mistakes. There are a lot of facets to this craft but it's a total blast. Some of the questions you will have you don't even know to ask yet. It's easier to give you helpful advice once you have had some hands on time and can correlate the info we give with what you are actually doing. I commend you on trying to get a jump start on things though.  

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