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Found 5 results

  1. As someone who is relatively new to the industry and this forum, I wanted to share my thoughts on a software I settled with and would definitely recommend. I would also love to hear your thoughts as well! After recently demoing multiple trial versions of vinyl cutting software and as a hobby user who is new to the industry, I settled on Easy Cut Studio for my vinyl design and cutting software needs. In addition to being very intuitive to use (for example, I downloaded the trial version and within two minutes had connected it to my US Cutter machine and printed my first (pre-designed) decal), Easy Cut Studio and its developers know the needs and desires of those cutting vinyl for hobby, business, and professional use. The platform boasts its knowledge of these needs through many easy-to-learn advanced features (many of which are still far beyond my current understanding and needs) and options for importing files and fonts in a wide range of file formats including: SVGs, open type, and true type fonts, and also PDF files. I was particularly impressed with the way Easy Cut Studio made it possible to scale and format a specified group of decals without needing to go to a lot of extra hassle to get them formatted. Additionally, the software gives the user the ability to “nudge” a design a fraction of an inch if it is not quite printing right in order to better utilize your vinyl – a feature I found really nice for when I’m printing on high-priced material (like premium 3M vinyl). I outlined a few pros and cons below for you to consider when looking at Easy Cut Studio for your personal or business needs. Pros: Really intuitive for a beginner user and has enough advanced features to keep a professional user busy with options. Connects very easily to a wide range of printers (in my case, I am using the US Cutter MH871-MK2 via USB cable and it was flawless and simple to connect) Quick file import and export speeds - this depends on your computer but is also something I've noticed various software types having minor differences in. Options to use pre-loaded fonts and typefaces in addition to the ability to download and import your own desired fonts/types. Free trial version where you can actually print the decals you want to test plus utilize the many features that come with the platform. Many diverse size and scaling options for making the most of your vinyl and materials. Easy and simple one-time payment as opposed to other platforms with costly monthly payment options. Cons: There are multiple small lines that the software will cut through your designs until you purchase the premium - basically if you want quality decals, you must purchase the premium. That said, this didn't distract me much from moving forward with using the software. Interface doesn't appear quite as updated/modern as some Adobe products or other vinyl cutting platforms. Bottom line: I would absolutely consider utilizing Easy Cut Studio for your vinyl cutting needs, especially if you're a beginner or moderate user like me who desires a wide range of diverse and intuitive features for a one-time price. I am very happy with this choice and look forward to hearing your thoughts. I will work to keep this updated as I go with any additional pros or cons I note. Cheers! Alexander - A broke college student who's into vinyl design and cutting.
  2. Coppertop0421

    MH 871-MK2 Cutting Issue

    My cutter was working great and then the last week when I went to cut a big order its like the blade is dragging over the image and is cutting it all to pieces. Any suggestions??
  3. Ed McCarron

    New to stencil cutting...

    Hi, Been lightly using (3,4 times a month...) my MH-871 for a few years now. Sign vinyl works great. I almost have a clue. Tried to make a one-off reusable stencil by purchasing a roll of Oracal 811. Not quite what I was looking for. So here are my questions. Yeah, I'm still learning... 1) Will something like this: GreenStar 7010 SSB Synthetic Stencil Board-Cut (SSB-Cut) 100Ft, Non-Adhesive Reusable Material require using transfer tape still? I'm cutting a stencil (in sections) that's about 4' x 6'. Letters are between 3 and 6 inches high. 2) Will my cheesy little MH even cut this? I'm having no problem with 3 mil material, but 10 seems like it's gonna be trouble. Will a 60 degree blade help? 3) Am I in over my head and better off farming this one out? I'm looking to cut something (or a few somethings) that I can tack down to a chunk of plywood with masking tape and dab paint through. Reusable is a bonus. Thanks, Ed
  4. Had my cutter for a couple of years and has been great.. I have not changed computer, location of cutter, software or anything else. Tonight while cutting a 20" x 36" decal it started going past the origin spot with a straight line cut. Then went over the left side all the way to end and was trying to go farther, then stopped and came back. Double checked all my connections, my settings, and the decal setup on SCAL Pro and everything was good. Cut the decal again and did fine. Put in a simple name that was 10" x 36" and it cut fine. The next decal was another simple one about a foot by foot and did the same crap of cutting straight lines all the way across the machine. Next cut fine, next two cuts screwed up.. Scanned the forums and doesn't seem like a common problem because I'm not seeing anybody else with it.. Help please.. Thanks, Quincy Smith
  5. icmomoney

    Need help...

    Hey y'all, My name is Sarah, and I've been cutting with the MH871-MK2 for about 1.5 years now. I love it, I really do, and it's done awesome work for me. I do vinyl decals, etc., for business and personal use, and it's never let me down once I figured it out! Until recently... I added heat transfer vinyl to my business for t-shirts and things of that ilk. I did a couple large designs, and my cutter did as expected, but when I try to do smaller things, especially letters, it literally chews them up. Edges don't meet, shapes are skewed, and the letters end up looking terrible. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm using Jet Pro Soft Stretch, so I know the vinyl is not a poor or low quality... And I've tried every combination of force, overcut, velocity, everything that I can think of. I would really appreciate ANY help at all, and suggestions, anything!! I'm at a loss for what to do... Thanks in advance, Sarah