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  1. Chuckle monkey

    Need help with font name

    Anyone know what font this is?
  2. Chuckle monkey

    Cap heat press

    Can you guys explain a little more about the added foam? I have this problem with my press, same as pictured. I was using a knit cap under the hat. It helped but still made a slight crease.
  3. Chuckle monkey

    Im still looking for a heat press (ebay ?)

    I know this is old. and that link does not work. Is the 15x15 Clamshell with center adjust look like a decent deal? I really want a swing away but trying to stay around $250-300.
  4. Chuckle monkey

    Heat Press Identification

    I was given this Press about a year ago. I use it all the time. There is no Pressure setting, Temp Dial is about 100 deg. off. But it is heavy and solid. Looking to buy a new press so this can be my backup. Has anyone seen one like this before? I cant find a name on it anywhere.
  5. Chuckle monkey

    The new sublimation printer arrived

    Anyone have some examples of work they have done using this Epson with Pigment ink? I think I am going to order on Monday.
  6. Chuckle monkey

    Sublimation? Dye? Pigment?

    Thanks so much for the info here guys. This answers a lot of questions i had, and gives me more things to look at.
  7. Chuckle monkey

    Sublimation? Dye? Pigment?

    Thanks so much for the response. I guess I should have been a bit more clear. I get a lot of customers that want 1 off shirts. I do many with HTV but some designs I just cant do. I was ready to do the sub but I don't like only using Polyester. I would also like to be able to make a mock up shirt that I can show to a customer before I do a screen printing run.
  8. Chuckle monkey

    Sublimation? Dye? Pigment?

    I am having a hard time understanding the differences. I really want to get a Printer from Cobra and play around with it. I thought I was going to buy the sub inks, but now I am not sure. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  9. Chuckle monkey

    Some Truck Fun

  10. Chuckle monkey

    Cheap Hoodies on

    Yea I know I'm just not quite there yet. Soon. I am just comparing the prices of the 2XL Hoodies on Jiffy that are close to $17-18.
  11. I cant help with much else around here just yet but figured i would pass it on. I was looking for a good price on some Hoodies. has a bunch of different styles on sale and clearance. The shipping was free over $50 i think. Looked like the shipping would take about 10 days. I ordered a few from there, ordered what I needed from Jiffy shirt so I will have them Tomorrow. 2xl-5xl Hoodies were $11, hard to beat that price.
  12. Anyone have any of these? There are a bunch of different designs for the mouse and holes. Little cars and such. Thanks. People put these decals on the baseboards or walls in their home.
  13. Chuckle monkey

    Store Front Signage question from a newbie.

    Thanks a bunch. I really like this idea. I am tossing around the idea of using some kind of lightweight plastic in a 4x8 sheet to apply the decals to. This would be a very simple approach. I will give these ideas to them and let them decide what they want. The husband wants simple and cheap, the Wife wants the wooden sign. So i assume i will be doing the pallet idea:)
  14. I just mess around for the most part in my garage at night. I make decals for friends and do some shirts and hats for local businesses. I recently made a few vehicle decals for a local outdoor sporting goods store. Now they have a laundry list of more things they want me to make. One is a large say 4'x8' sign for the side of the building. Very basic with their name and list of items for sale. Ammo, Guns...Bows...Gunsmith... The building is old Brick. I want to hang a sign but not sure what to use? They dont want anything fancy, just simple and effective. What would be a good base to start with? I said something about using old barn wood or old pallet wood to create a rustic sign with vinyl lettering on top. They loved that idea. Any input on going that route?
  15. Chuckle monkey

    Project Blackflag

    I want that Flag on my Truck!!!