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  1. I did not take it apart. What do you need I can open it up.
  2. Thanks just tried the trial out and still having the same issue with the machine. I think it needs a new motherboard.
  3. I haven't used the pcut cutter in along time because the last time i was using it i would get halfway through a cut and it would just freeze. I've contacted support and asked before and no one has a real answer to this. I decided to get the unit out of storage and I want to try to get it operational again but unfortunately my Flexi sign software doesn't work on anything higher than OSX10.6. Are there any good free softwares available for OSX. I don't want to invest in software when the cutter is broken.
  4. Im using a 24" Pcut on osx 10.8 with the last version of FlexiStarter 8.5. I know its not built for my version of osx but I've used to prior and not had any issues. I have the serial port but trying to stay away from buying the keyspan adapter as I never had prior issues. I noticed that in the production manager when the graphic deletes at 100% that is sometimes when it stops or it will get stuck at 67% and not respond. It doesn't matter what size the graphic is 2" vs 24" it just always stops at the same point. I just installed an SSD into my macbook and i'm wondering if i'm just forgetting some type of setting somewhere. My only other theory is that the cutter was stored in the basement all winter with -40 degree temps outside, I'm wondering if that effected the unit. Appreciate the feedback.
  5. Hey everyone, I've searched the forums for answers on this and have found no results. Just recently my cutter won't finish jobs, it will cut about 50-75% of the graphic then stops and says waiting. I've left it to see if it resumes if it was a "buffer issue" and nothing works. I've replaced my USB cable, reinstalled Flexi, formated osx and no luck. I've never had any issues in the past but I haven't used the cutter in at least a year. If anyone has any input to help that would be great. Thanks.
  6. hyptonic

    Flexi Mac - Panel keeps enlarging

    Thanks yes I can understand that. Picture should be attached now. You can see that the first one the panel is 7" and the second photo it is 12" yes its a different design but both files are the same starting 5x5.
  7. hyptonic

    Flexi Mac - Panel keeps enlarging

    Excuse me i ment plot/cut. I am aware its not a printer nor does it act like one. I attached an image, you can see the outer black box around my outlines. That black box continues to get larger away further away from my design each time try to plot/cut anything and i have to resize it down.
  8. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue. Every time I open a new file in Flexi 8.5 mac when I hit print and cut the panel around the design enlarges. I have to resize it down close to my image. it starts small by the cm then moves into inches. Also as this gets bigger i noticed it will start to forget to complete cuts. If i reinstall the software the panel works fine for 2-3 files and the cuts are dialed in perfect. I contacted flexi but i have not herd a response.
  9. hyptonic

    Jetski Decal

    Whipped this up for a friend that works for Captain Morgan.
  10. hyptonic

    Has anyone tried the new GreenStar Matte Black Vinyl?

    Also curious on this brand was going to be purchasing some soon. Greenstar is about $5-$10 less than oracal. Weeding and appearance are the only differences people have seen? How well is the adhesive on the greenstar?
  11. Have you had issues with flexi loading in snow leopard?? It seems as flexi doesn't recognize the dongle or correctly unlock all the features. I can open flexi but i dont have the features to cut/plot, use text, etc. Are there any updates yet? Thanks
  12. hyptonic

    can you cut from cs4

    Cutting Master 2 works only for the Graphtec brand. You can download all the applications here. if you want just cutting master scroll to the bottom http://www.craftrobostore.com/craftrobodownloads.html