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  1. NickiZ

    Vinyl on paper

    It's about 5 inches wide by 2 1/2 inches tall.
  2. NickiZ

    Vinyl on paper

    Because I already had these bags on hand.
  3. NickiZ

    Vinyl on paper

    I'm confused why this idea seems to be upsetting you.
  4. NickiZ

    Vinyl on paper

    The bag is a merchandise bag for when I deliver shirts I've created for an order. Yes, it's a give-away. But it's my brand. Do you ask the same questions of the stores who brand their bags?
  5. NickiZ

    Vinyl on paper

    So here is what I was trying to do! It worked with only one little sticky spot on one bag.
  6. NickiZ

    Vinyl on paper

    Not meant to "devalue" my work in any way - it's meant to brand my work.
  7. NickiZ

    Vinyl on paper

    Not exactly sure where this should go so I'm trying it here. I have a bunch of scrap vinyl and would like to cut my logo and put it on paper bags I have for when I sell shirts. I realize a rubber stamp would probably be easier but I want to use up some of these scraps. Sooo - here's my question. How do I transfer the cut image? Regular transfer tape is not going to let go (I don't think) without ripping up the bag. Or would it be better to just use my heat vinyl scraps and the heat press?
  8. NickiZ

    Removing Vinyl from Cutter

    I have the USCutter MH 721.
  9. Not sure where this should go actually. But once your vinyl is cut (when it's on a roll) - what do any of you use to cut it off without removing the whole roll from the cutter? Any slick tricks out there?
  10. NickiZ

    Vinyl on stainless steel buckets

    Jburns: These are small milk buckets and are being used as an award. But I would like them to actually be usable too, if possible. 101LEDS - What's the name of the pen?
  11. I'm wanting to put a logo on some stainless steel buckets. Is there something recommended to seal it with so it doesn't come off?
  12. Never mind - I think I figured something out. For anyone else with the same predicament here's what I did. Cocoa! lol Used a pouncer and pounced on cocoa then gently wiped off with a kleenex. Left just enough cocoa in the cut lines for me to see to weed.
  13. Need help please. Using white Flex 123 heat press vinyl. (This stuff can be used with a lower heat setting) Anyways, my problem is that I can't see my cut lines. Cigarette ashes seem to be the only thing I've found that lets me see the cutlines but that's a mess and smells. I've tried regular blackboard chalk, and carpenter's chalk. The problem with carpenter's chalk (besides it's permanent) is that when I brush it on some of my detail pops up. This HPV has minimal stickyness - so when you press the piece back down it won't stick because you've gotten chalk on it. Arrrrgghhhh! Any suggestions? I've also tried a lightbox but this stuff is thick. Think I'll stick with the easy weed but would really like to use up this stuff since I already have it.
  14. NickiZ

    Neon Vinyl

    Sooo - if I were going to paint it - what type of paint would you recommend?
  15. NickiZ

    Neon Vinyl

    What bright colors would you guys suggest?