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    eBay issues??

    I do that as well but there is a limit to what you can charge in relation to what other people are selling it for, before you start losing sales. I'll sell a 3.99 sticker and offer free shipping. if you want to achieve top rated seller status, 90%+ of all your transactions need to have tracking, so theres 1.93 to the USPS then ebay double dips with paypal fees (paypal is owned by ebay) and then ebay site seller fees. so that $4 sticker can quickly become less than a dollar profit after material. Theres more than one way to skin this cat, the two or more items is what I have found that works best for me.
  2. mac6986

    eBay issues??

    But what you can do is set up your unpaid item reminders to be sent automatically. Mine go out 24 hours after they click buy now. if they don't pay within 5 days of that, they get an unpaid item strike on their account, and I get my selling fees back. I also have my store set up so that if you have ANY unpaid item strikes, you cant buy from me. I've had a few disgruntled customers message me, but I just say "If you can't pay when you purchase, why are you even shopping?" Nobody has a good answer for that, lol. I personally don't make the customer pay immediately because then they cant combine their purchases in my store to get free shipping after buying 2 or more items.
  3. Extra work (creating 2 designs from scratch using crappy pictures) = higher price. I'd be in the $500 range especially if I had to wash the guys trailer on a job site.Consider what the other shops said. Almost 400 with basically cut-ready artwork. Are you going to give away the two hours you spent sitting at the computer designing for free?
  4. mac6986

    Glow In the Dark

    We'll your first problem is, you're buying vinyl from staples. Cost of material is always relative to the price of the finished product. Quality materials = quality product = premium price
  5. It's actually a double-edged sword, The math and calculations in this setup is for a one man operation. The second you add employees, your billable hours multiplies by the number of employees you have. When your billable hours increase, your shop rate decreases. So some of the bigger companies can task it to one of the shop hands and can be comparable to any home based business, while completing other jobs at the same time. That is to say if the home based business isn't slashing their prices and de-valuing their work and the industry just to make barely over the cost of material. I always tell the customer that you get what you pay for. I get this in my shop at least twice a week " I know a guy who does this on the side, and you are more expensive than him" mind you they say this while standing in front of about $20k worth of equipment asking why mine is more expensive. My reply to this is always the same: "I'm sure you do, anyone with a computer can do this now-a-days. But is he using the right materials? If something goes wrong, will his insurance pay for damages? Will he guarantee his work for any length of time? Will he even install it?" After asking these questions and the customer looks at you with a blank stare, that's when I say " Thats why mine is more expensive." I'm not knocking the home based market, I'm just saying there are A LOT of hacks out there looking to make a quick buck and don't care about quality.
  6. mac6986

    Sawgrass update

    Good, I'm glad its not just me. one major annoyance is that it wont pull the sheet size from the driver presets anymore. Especially when you had all your presets ready to go for everything you print, and now every time you print, you have to manually re-select everything. Ill be rolling back this driver.
  7. mac6986

    Large Format Printing

    I'll skip the red tape and just use this instead
  8. mac6986

    anyone buy from here

    I have had no experience with this company in particular, I use JPS or Conde and that's it. Just be weary of switching vendors you don't know anything about. Some vendors use the cheaper mugs with low quality coatings. A good idea with the mugs is to buy a sample mug, press an image with lots of color, and run it through the dishwasher 10-20 times. I thought about switching vendors last month, got a few sample products and used them for myself to test their durability. Cheap usually means lower quality. The phone cases, the coating chipped off along with the image, the mugs images ran like an inkjet image on a wet piece of paper, and the coasters warped even after putting weights on them out of the press so they would cool down flat. Test before you offer a product for sale.
  9. mac6986

    Large Format Printing

    Just wait till you can print and cut in the same workflow. . . . . You'll wonder how you lived without it.
  10. you are right sir, I multiplied 36000 instead of 3600 linear inches See guys? everything you read on the internet isn't true!
  11. mac6986

    How do you store and organize your vinyl?

    I wouldn't leave that 50 yd roll on there much longer, looks like its already bending the wire. next thing you know, your buying a new computer monitor that the 30 lb roll just used as a trampoline.
  12. mac6986

    Pricing Question just wrote up an article about this very situation. There's an excel sheet in the first post. once you figure out your shop rate, you can make your own, very simple, excel sheet to just punch in all the variables, and be very consistent with your pricing.
  13. mac6986

    Price...may be more than I can chew.

    Not trying to hijack, but for the future, if anyone runs into this issue, I now have the ability to print white on my new versacamm VS300i and would be happy to help
  14. mac6986

    Gokarts 2

    If you are applying graphics to low energy plastics i.e. dirt bike fenders & go kart pannels, regular vinyl will not bond well at all. the plastic is smooth to a microscopic level so much so, that the regular glue on any standard sign vinyl can't "bite" into the surface. You need to use specific low-energy glue viny. Hexis VCR is an awesome product for that, but as far as I know it only comes in printable white.
  15. under width, where yours says 31", type another number in. tell me what happens. you can re-size, re-arrange, flip, mirror, and rotate all day in VW. It wont let you skew or distort in VW
  16. I read it as he is basically trying to take, for an example, a 4" x 4" circle and turn it into a 4" x 8" oval. Versaworks allows you to re-size in the program, but it will always maintain its original proportions from the saved file. so if you entered 8" in the width box under sizing, it will automatically scale the image and the height will change accordingly, in this case, it would scale it to an 8" x 8" circle.
  17. The short answer is no. you would have to skew it in your design software.
  18. mac6986

    Roland VersaWork question

    you have to do it manually, but yes.
  19. mac6986

    want to start printing onto vinyl

    +1 Although I would love to be able to sell my printer to you, make sure you know what you're getting into before you make a purchase, and then find out you cant afford to run it yet. Ink isnt cheap. to replace an entire set of CMYK carts on a roland printer is about $280.00. Then there is lamination. the eco-sol inks have some UV inhibitors in them and will last a year or two, but to get the full life out of a printed graphic, you need to laminate. Some do it with a B.S. but nothing beats an adjustable auto crank or hand crank laminator. The expenses add up quick in the print world.
  20. mac6986

    eBay issues??

    I go through this all the time. You have to keep track of your averages per month to get an accurate picture. My high selling days are Saturday and Sunday, late at night. Lately, I've had Mondays and Tuesdays where I don't have a single sale, but tracking my sales monthly, I'm actually doing better than last month. Don't pull your hair out just yet, lol.
  21. mac6986

    want to start printing onto vinyl

    If you're looking to get started printing on vinyl, I have the perfect printer for you
  22. mac6986

    Bucket grapics

    From the album: FDNY 14 Truck

    and last but not least, the bucket doors needed sprucing up as well.

    © Max Grafix LLC

  23. mac6986

    FDNY 14 Truck

    designed a new patch for Tower Ladder 14 out of Harlem, liked it so much, they gave me more work.
  24. mac6986

    More after pics

    From the album: FDNY 14 Truck

    They had a change in heart affter seeing the numbers on the doors for a couple weeks, they wanted the numbers on the door a little "thinner"

    © Max Grafix LLC

  25. mac6986

    New sail and door numbers - After

    From the album: FDNY 14 Truck

    And after . . .

    © Max Grafix LLC