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  1. Sorry just got home from work. I will send you the .svg file here in a min. Sorry I couldn't send it earlier.

    I send you a PM with the attached file. Its woodland Camo. And I had to convert it to .SVG for you. So you should be able to use it.

  2. Welcome, I'm over here in Maryland. Just wondering, you mentioned "safety signs" but aren't those required to be done in reflective 3M 983(Diamond Grade™) or at least Engineering-grade vinyl?

    No these signs are pretty much just gas and oil safety signs for some locations. Pretty much just stating, fr clothing required, speed limit 5, DANGER hydro testing in progress. They only really work during the day here so that is all they require. No special materials needed. But if it were required. I would be glad to do it for them but of course for the increased fees of the supplies.

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you all. I posted and then never rechecked the topic.

    Thank you all for the warm welcome.

  3. Ahhh ok. As far as I know they are fully up and running agin I know there are cars there everytime I go by. So I am guessing they are open. I know they remodeled a little after the first flood. Dont know what they did after the second. I know the first was the worst. Ill have to stop in there and see how it looks and all.

  4. I already have Inkscape. Kinda switch between the 2 depending on what I am doing. I think personally Inkscape vectorize better then Corel for some things. Plus editing nodes seems to be easier in ink.

    That would be great if you could do that for me. Will greatly appreciated.

  5. Won't you have to use app tape to stack the three colored layers? That means you would also have to try and cut through that as well. I don't think its a feasable way to do it. I am not familar with Corel but the design could be built in AI easily enough. If you have the camo vector can't you layer the final design over the top and trim the excess to give you the three color layers that you're looking for? With the camo design you might want to think about overlap of the colors. The lower layer(s) might need some modification so you can get a little overlap and not end up with gaps. It would depend on your existing vector camo design.

    I would be able to do that however I do not know how to use corel to do this. This is the problem. I though about placing the graphic over the camo vector file that I have but just sure how to do it correctly to be able to remove the rest of the vector. Still earning corel.

    Does anyone know how to do this kinda of thing might be helpful later on.

  6. ok so here is the only problem with your work i see. you need to charge way more for what you do. by you dropping the price that much you are single handed killing your market and the market anywhere around you. why would you go in half or less? have you price checked your local shops? if you just go 10% under what they are going to do the job for then you will get the job and keep the prices high in your area. if you keep going that low on jobs it will kill you in the end, because you will get all the jobs and then you will have to grow to a bigger place with way more over head. thats when it will hurt you the most because you cannot raise your prices that much to over the new bills. you need to price like you have overhead of a large space and your prices need to be competive to the shops around you. look at it this way you will make way more money for what you do. trust me i started out doing the same thing you are doing now and when i did move into the 1500 sqft warehouse the bills were not what i was expecting. so now i have to raise my prices and my customers do not like it. all you have to do is call around to the local shops ask them for a banner, decal, or what ever tell them you would like to get a price for these items. they will give you the retail price, then you just go a little lower and BAM you are making all kinds of money!

    I do understand what you are saying. This price was for them. I work for them. And they have helped me here and there with a few things. And such. Was more of a favor. Trust me I do charge more. I try to use a formula I found online which works well for decals and stickers and such. But other then that I would have charged a minimum of around $350-$400. Which is still around the quote they were given from a competitor minus the vinyl removal fee (old vinyl). The banners and such that I make are sill giving me over a 30-70% profit. So the banners I am not worried about. Bigger banners will be a bit higher of course. depends on vinyl consumption. But back to the service truck. I have also done the tailgate that was replaced on the salesmens truck for Taylor rental as well. That was the same logo you see on the doors of the service truck. That I charges around $130. But doing the service truck got me a vendor position for Taylor Rental and has also opened up sales for me in store. I make there safety signs and custom safety gear for some of the construction companies in the area. All sold threw Taylor Rental. I make money they make money and the customer is happy.

    Thank you for you concerns. I am very open to suggestions. As I am still learning. I never thought about what would happen if I were to grow to a point where I would need a bigger space with it own bills. That is an eye opener, definitely something to think about. Thanks again. I will check with the local shops to find out what they are charging and for what. I know of 3 sign shops in my area and at least 1 person I know who does vinyl from in house. I will check around.

    I like the design, very clean looking. More importantly though, how do you feel about the breakfast at Dobb's Country Kitchen?

    That is funny I am guessing you are from my area. I use to work at Dobb's cooking there breakfasts. LOL. Do not mind it at all. Have not eaten there since the floods though. Guessing you are someone I may know. :huh:

    Thanks again guys. I love feedback. Have a good night.

  7. Thank you for the compliment. Greatly appreciated. I am still working on my prices a bit. 20% sounds fair. I will have to check out the comp and see how fair I can be with it without stepping on toes. I want to try to be really competitive in pricing without losing a bunch of money either. So far I am growing and word is spreading. Hopefully I can get everything down and pat where it needs to be. quality and price wise. thanks again

  8. half up front is a good idea. And would work. I will try that and see how that goes. I usually dont like to do that though but in some situations may be a good idea.

    Anyways, is it possible to cut more then one layer of vinyl. I know its not a traditional move but has anyone tried cutting more then one layer at once. Might not be a good reason to but now im curious and dont wanna play and waste some vinyl. Ran outta scraps.

    Thanks for the replies guys.

  9. Here is a service truck that I have completed for Taylor Rental where I work here in my area.






    This was my first big job,

    The local shop here in my area quoted then over $500 for the job. $120 of that was to remove the old vinyls.

    I went on the cheap side but still made profit. I only charged $230 for vinyl and installation. But they had to remove the old vinyls.

    I saved all my scraps from this job and made a few decals which i sold.

    I came out on top. I have since made a 2x4 banner which I did for $35 for them. Local shop charges around $70 for banners that size. I thought was expensive. But I do not have overhead so I can always go cheaper. Well as much overhead as this shop does anyway. I have a free laborer. lol my soon to be wife. She does all my weeding.

    oh and the rear window also has accross the back " Relentless Problem Solvers"

  10. Because of the fact that I have to layer the camo to get the camo pattern. then the camo pattern needs to be cut into the actual design the customer wants. I do not have the actual camo vinyl to work with otherwise it would be one cut. I do not have camo patterned vinyl. But i do have a vector for the camo pattern which i need to do first. Unless you can tell me a way to use the vector and overlay in corel the image the customer wants and then cut that. I dont know. Just thought it would be easier for me to lay the camo pattern and then make the actual cut.

  11. I have a customer who is looking to have some vinyl cut for an image she wants. I do not have the extra cash to purchase the camo in green and pink. I was wondering if I could overlay the camo to make one sheet and then cut the 3 colored layers to make the image. I have never cut more then one layer of vinyl I am guessing that the blade depth would have to be set deeper but I am not sure. She wants the vinyl done and I can not afford the camo vinyl at the moment anyways. Has anyone ever done this before?

  12. Hello,

    My name is Jonathan. Bought my first cutter almost a year ago now and have done many projects since then. The oil and gas industry has been big in my area here for a little while now. I have been doing some signs and such for them. Safety signs for locations anyways. Figured I would join the forums to gain some information and try to learn what I can from everyone. I ended up buying a 34" SC Series cutter from USCutter. Started out with the GreenStar vinyl. But am now using Oracle 651 for all my signs. Have bought a few toys in between. 15" heat press, New computer, for doing the vinyl with a much larger screen, fluids, t'shirts, New printer for invoices, and a few other things. Trying to learn as much as I can. Want to build a business out of it and have made back already what I have paid in. So I guess that is a good thing.

    And I wanted to say hello before I started rummaging the forums and asking questions.