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  1. colej

    etched wine bottle

    combining two of my hobbies - homemade wine and etching - I sand-etched the label for the batch of wine nearly ready to bottle to give to a friend
  2. My wife likes my new technique because I'm dusting the furniture as I go (grin) My monitor has never been cleaner
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this and been making a few decals on white vinyl and found it very difficult to see the cut lines to weed. I had a piece of ash fall from a cigarette onto the vinyl and as I was wiping it away found it made the lines stand out easier for me to see where to weed. So now I just stick the tip of my finger into the ashtray and gently wipe it across the entire pattern to make the lines stand out and now I can weed without needing a bright light and magnifying lens. I don't see that it leaves the edges dirty or fouled in any way, just as clean as without. I even tried a bit of dust from the table and that works just as well. Hope this tip helps someone with eyes as poor as mine see the lines better.
  4. colej

    MH Manual Request

    I also tried to download the MH721 manual from the support site and it seems to be corrupted/unable to open. Could I request a copy of that PDF also please?
  5. Hi everyone, I got into this because I saw a MF721 for sale in an auction and bid on it, not knowing anything about vinyl cutters or such, thought if I won it for cheap price it would be fun to play with. my surprise when I won! Now what do I do with this? I've read a few post here so far and don't plan to start a business or anything, but just more of a hobby to make mask for sand-etching, maybe a few decals for my wife's RV, you know, stuff like that. I come from an Engineering background with strong skills in graphics and CAD, I'm already familiar with Corel and many other graphics programs, and looking forward to using those skill in a new medium.