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  1. Hello, I've been running into problems with these mugs in particular for a year now. Throwing away almost half. There's a bit of clouds going on in the green sometimes. And then some spots it will blur, other areas are fine. Sometimes I'll get faded white splotches. I cannot seem to recreate it. It just happens randomly. I'm using Hix (who can't seem to figure it out either.) Using their wraps on their 24x14 conveyor oven. Also seeing this happen with thick bold letters using dark colors on other mugs. I'll use new wraps and old wraps. Same problem. Please, anyone, help. These are the settings: 11oz and 15oz ceramic mugs 400 F 6.7 fan speed 11:48
  2. Loftipop

    Cloudy to specific blur spots on Mugs?

    @Dakotagrafx Thanks for replying! Good point. We get our mugs from Orca which I believe they are on the higher spectrum? We've noticed that enamel camp mugs have literally no issues but 11oz ceramic come out the worst. 15oz ceramic are also iffy but better than the 11oz. I have some Gator mugs that I can test out but I'll see if I can grab some of these Marck mugs as well.
  3. Loftipop

    Cloudy to specific blur spots on Mugs?

    Thanks for replying! Our conveyor oven comes with a cooling fan that hits immediately after heating. I guess I can snag it out before it hits the fans and test it. Have you seen this type of clouding when you don't dip your mugs?