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  1. Thanks. The problems I first had were from when the roll was brand new, hadn't been prefed and I was rerolling the vinyl as tight as possible after each use . I didn't know I shouldn't be doing that until reading your post, so thank you . I only have two rolls of vinyl, but as a test I got the 305mm roll (I incorrectly stated 310mm earlier) and I pushed the inside core until vinyl protruded from the other side to loosen it, like so: I then pushed both ends of the vinyl so it went back to the core width and I did a 14ft pre feed which went through perfectly. I then rerolled the vinyl as tight as I had been doing and manually started to feed the vinyl through the machine, within seconds there was bunching on the left side and the roll fell down. I did the same test and more vinyl passed but there was bunching. Lastly, I rerolled the vinyl and then loosened it as I did above and then I manually fed the vinyl until 142" went through with no bunching. I think it's safe to say my issues were due to the vinyl being rolled too tight. I'm not sure if this will help anyone, but If buying a CE7000 it may be worth asking the seller if they know what firmware version the machine has to see how old the stock is to minimize the roller issue. My machine had firmware version 1.22 (now updated), version 1.22 was released in May 2021, version 1.23 was released in November 2021 and version 1.24 was released in December 2021.
  2. I'm definitely not the right person to review this machine but I will post describing in detail what I did to test for roller issues. The CE7000 was delivered last Monday but it wasn't until Thursday I was able to set the machine up fully. I first tested the roll of 310mm vinyl and I had a few issues with the roll falling off and some bunching on the left side, after more testing and no more bunching I put the earlier problems down to my inexperience with vinyl plotters. During this time I didn't write anything down, so on Saturday I did more tests with the 310mm vinyl roll. 97.961" was passed through the machine before the roll fell off, no bunching. I rerolled the vinyl and set a 16ft pre feed, during this the roll fell off but I let it continue until the core, which was hanging on by some tape, reached the machine feed. As the vinyl was exiting the machine it was starting to curve upwards due to the build up of vinyl on the floor. No bunching. I did a cut which came out fine. At first I tried to set the blade automatically and then I realised, three attempts later, it wasn't working due to my vinyl being too thin. This was later confirmed by the manual. On Sunday I tested the 610mm roll of vinyl: 12" passed and bunching occurred on the left side. I realigned the rollers and rerolled the vinyl and it passed through 10" before bunching on the left side. I realigned the rollers and rerolled the vinyl and it passed through 32" before bunching on the left side. I realigned the rollers and about 50" passed before bunching on the left side. I then connected the media basket: I rerolled the vinyl and 19" passed before bunching on the left side. I rerolled the vinyl and 17" passed before bunching on right side. I adjusted the roller on the left side to about 12mm from the left side of the vinyl and I adjusted the roller on the right side to about 20mm from right side of vinyl. No bunching on left or right side but I had to stop at just over 107" because the vinyl was literally going up into the air from the media basket I reversed all 107" of vinyl and let it fall into the rear basket and then I fed the vinyl back through to the front while keeping an eye on both rollers and just tapping the middle of the vinyl with my finger every time it started to rise (so it would collapse into the basket). I started hearing a noise which turned out to be the detached core rattling, it then fell into the media basket. I stopped the pass through and it had reached 165" without bunching. I reversed the vinyl letting it fall into the rear basket and I adjusted the right roller to about 16mm from right side of vinyl and then set the pre feed to 16ft. It all passed without any bunching and then automatically reversed. I set the right roller to about 13mm from right side of vinyl and set the pre feed to 16ft, it passed without bunching and automatically reversed Just before this post I tested passing 16ft of vinyl through again with the vinyl that had been left in the rear basket since Sunday. It all passed without issues even though some of the vinyl had taken a new shape (no longer flat in places). Given my vinyl passes without issue after a pre feed, could my earlier issues be more to do with the vinyl type and my lack of experience with these machines? The vinyl being wound too tight (is this even a possibility?), the CE7000 maybe being more temperamental than previous versions or some sort of mix? In the videos I watched with the bunching issue, the bunching happened every time the vinyl passed through the machine, even when it wasn't rerolled. Users with similar issues said their machine would get to X and have bunching whereas my issues happened at different times and only when I had rerolled the vinyl or when it was first used. Last night I did an ARMS test cut which came out fine... eventually (my mistakes). Are there any other recommended tests to do on a new machine?
  3. I had a look but I could only find one place selling the CE6000 new and they were charging more than the CE7000. I emailed Graphtec asking about the issue and they responded stating it was a problem with early machines and it has been fixed on newer models. They also said they haven't had any reports of the issue on newer machines. After reading that and because of the great deal I was getting I went ahead and placed an order. I also ordered two rolls of vinyl, a 310mm x 5m roll to test for the left roller issue and a 610mm x 5m roll to test for the issue @puchacho mentioned above.
  4. New2022

    New to the forum and to vinyl...

    Nice? Yes but also risky, I'm trying to invest in myself in starting a business. It's more than half my savings and it's the most expensive single item I have ever purchased (yes I bought it). I purchased a few things unrelated to vinyl last year and I had planned to buy a few other things with the plan of making things I can sell, but after seeing extra functions of more expensive vinyl machines and finding out about servo motors, I ended up at £778 for a Liyu with a servo motor. I had been saying to myself I'm going to buy it for the last few weeks but the warranty worried me, the company states a user has "three strikes" for warranty claims in a year. The language reads like a crime has been committed by clamming on warranty. I then had a tiny bit of bad luck with something I bought mid last year which was delivered a few days ago and now isn't ideal for my location (I knew this before it was delivered). On the plus side the device has now increased in value, the sale of that device and finding a really good deal for a CE7000 with stand/basket made me think about the CE7000. One day later I was sold! I was then excited about getting a vinyl machine whereas before I was just worried about Liyu's warranty. Just as I was about to buy it I came across the video showing the roller problem. Also, one bonus of the Graphtec is it has a good resale value.
  5. New2022

    New to the forum and to vinyl...

    Thanks for the welcome. Thanks, I am. No, just a plan. My bedroom , on the plus side I won't be disturbing others when I use it in the evenings. Thanks.
  6. The FC9000 is way out of my budget, I would have to look at a different brand of cutter. I'm now not sure if I should order one.
  7. Hi, I'm new here and to the world of vinyl. I don't currently have a cutter but I've settled on a Graphtec CE7000-60 (pending the roller issue) after looking for a vinyl cutter for the last couple of months and going from a £300 budget to a £380, £500, £778 and all the way up to the CE7000-60. .
  8. Hi, I'm new here, I just signed up in the hope someone can tell me if this issue is now fixed? I ask because I was literally about to order a Graphtec CE7000-60 after looking for a vinyl cutter for the last couple of months and then I came across a YouTube video showing the problem. There were a few comments by others with the same issue, one of the users said: and when the user was asked if the guide fixed the problem, they said: If the worst case is waiting for a guide that will 100% fix the problem, I'm OK with that.