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  1. TDoc

    Iron on vinyl

    Thank you guys! I'll give it a try today and see what happens! I appreciate you all taking time to help me.
  2. TDoc

    Iron on vinyl

    My confusion with it is the video I watched was of a cricut...they said to place a mat under the vinyl to cut it. I have some vinyl that was purchased for the project. It's a small project.
  3. TDoc

    Iron on vinyl

    So I have a uscutter 52" SC2. Can I cut iron on vinyl on this thing? I was given a project with little cricut sized squares on iron on vinyl. I have no idea how to do this? Is there any tutorials you can recommend for me?
  4. TDoc


    I'm not sure how to price out decals with multiple colors of vinyl. For the single colors I use the formula I found on here L + W and divide that by 2. I currently am working on a project that is 3 colors. It's been fairly easy given its my first every with more than one color. But not sure how to price it?
  5. TDoc

    How do I cut this?

    Perfect! Thanks for clarifying for me. I learn something new everyday! I do really enjoy doing these. Hopefully I can get more to do!
  6. TDoc

    How do I cut this?

    Thanks guys! I ended up getting them done. Once I calmed down and read all your guys advice it wasn't so terrible. I got a bit overwhelmed no lie. I learned a few things from just this run. Now I can try to challenge myself on a multiple color decal? hahaha. I'm scared thinking about it. This logo was originally a 2 color logo. But we turned it into 1 color for the stickers. Stickers or decals? Everyone seems to call them something different. Anyways I thought about trying to tackle it as a 2 color like it was intended just as a learning experience for me.
  7. TDoc

    How do I cut this? if I were to get an editing software to make the outlines of the trees and such. What would you recommend? Or should we upgrade our version of Vinyl Cutter? I was thought that Vinyl Cutter program did it all. But I'm starting to see that I should have a decent editing software as well? Vinyl Cutter is more for the cuts themselves. My goal with this damn tree thing is just to have a nice outline around it cut. Just to give it a break from the flag. The thought seemed so simple. Hahaha
  8. TDoc

    How do I cut this?

    Ok. I appreciate your help guys! Is there anywhere you recommend I can read up to learn how to do this. I'm getting really frustrated with this project tonight. I was sent a new PDF of the same image that gave the trees an outline but it came with a whole different set of issues. I'm feeling quite overwhelmed and like I bit off more than I can chew.
  9. I have the SC2. I'm a total beginner here. I have Vinyl Master Cut V4.2. I'm working on a logo for a friends business. He sent me the file. I vectorized it. My problem is that its a 2 color logo that we are making into 1. So where there are some overlaps its hard to distinguish lines. Is there any way to get said lines to stick out? If that makes sense? I've attached a picture of what we are trying to do. I switched both parts to black but I'm trying to figure out how to make a definitive line between the tree and the flag. Can anyone guide me?
  10. So we bought ourselves the SC2. From what I read it sounded like it would work for what we need. Just a side gig kind of decal making decals for people. Anyways I'm struggling with the program a bit and figuring out how to do what I need it to do. We have the Vinyl Master Cut V4.2 My problem I'm having today (keep in mind totally new here) is that we have a logo from some friends. Its a 2 color logo. We are wanting it on one color. All looks well aside from where some things overlap. One would think there would be a way to just outline certain aspects of the design? Am I making sense? Any tips? Advice? I can post a pic to show what I'm trying to do if that helps? Thanks, T