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    Shipping Large Decals/Stickers

    This looks like a discussion that is several months old, but since the topic is already discussed I'm going to try tacking on to this one first. So I have been using mailing tubes for a while now. Just recently I cut out a 12" x 24" design, prepared it, rolled it (transfer tape on the outside), and put it into a shipping tube. Before I had a chance to ship it, the customer requested to cancel the order so I gave her a partial refund. This allowed me to bring the tube home and open it up to see what it looks like after shipping and sort of simulate what the customer gets. I was surprised to see that it was very wrinkled and not something I would be happy with the customer receiving (see attached image). I'm using 3" diameter tubes. Should I get larger tubes? Is it possible that I'm not taping it correctly or maybe packaging it too quickly after taping? Maybe I should just attempt to ship it flat by taping some rigid cardboard together, however, some items I sell are as long as 72" and this would not be any option. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any pointers?
  2. I have been searching and comparing for days now. I cannot find any comments, discussions or feedback on this! I'm looking to use a vinyl cutter to cut out some logos using carbon fiber vinyl. After searching here are my assumptions: 1. Avoid any textured carbon fiber (I would assume textured would affect the accuracy of the cuts and possibly ruin the blade) 2. Look for printed, untextured carbon fiber vinyl 3. If possible, get unlaminated vinyl (I would assume the laminate would affect the cuts and make a mess of the blade). Has anyone done this before? Can it be done? If yes, does anyone have a vinyl recommendation? Most of what I'm finding is textured and/or laminated (like a 3-layer vinyl) which I'm not sure about. Again, I've searched and everything is geared towards vinyl wraps. I'm looking to use a roll of carbon fiber vinyl on a vinyl cutter then apply transfer tape to later apply it to a vehicle (not looking to do a wrap). I've considered ordering a sample or small roll for some testing but was hoping to get some research and suggestions first. A customer is requesting some decals using carbon fiber vinyl and I want to make sure it works, and if it does, give him an accurate quote based on the one I would buy. The 2 I am considering are "Avery Dennison Printed High Gloss Real D Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap" and "3M Printed High Gloss Real D Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap". Any advice would be appreciated, preferably from someone who has tried this before. Thank you!