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    Here is a file I just finished doing for the 4th. got a lot of request for it.
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    I made the install over the weekend. It went alot better then I thought thanks to the help I received here. Here are the pictures
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    You can also rework the design so that it works in other colors. Here is an example. The original graphic was black, but it doesn't look right in light colors since the black is also acting as shadows. Don't know what your image is, but you might be able to rework it in a similar fashion. Something else to keep in mind if you do the black vinyl on white and then contour cut it. Pulling the application tape off the black once it's on the white will cause bubbles and headaches so you'll want to leave it on. Which then means you'll need to adjust your blade depth and pressure to cut through the application tape as well as the white vinyl. Might also make pulling the application tape off when installing the decal a bit harder.
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    Ok then-- make black layer, and include the crop marks as black vinyl-- weed and then apply whole thing to white vinyl. - Place in machine then cut the next layer, which would read the crop marks and then cut the squares. verify that your software has this capability-- reading crop marks, and transferring a "bank" of decals to the white will be the hardest parts--i.e. The other solution may be to have them printed ( thermal / eco-solvent) if they are for outdoor. try and install the finished product yourself also - see if end result would be acceptable to your customers.
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    refresh it I had to re upload it in yellow background as the black was colliding with the blue.
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