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    Fixed it! Took the Front Cover off and the bolt had come loose... And th enut was stuck to the new Magnet... Thanks
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    15 for the first order. I love them but need to get a T-square i think..I spent most of my time trying to level.
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    Just did a pile of these for a benefit walk Saturday. JetPro transfer with black screen print design.
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    wild, that is exactly what i do !!! But on the tanks, they seem to be off a little in the seams. Thanks for the confirmation.
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    I started the %50 down on anything over $10-20 in supplies or %50 down on anyone i don't know at all! I have done a lot of work for family and have never had a problem yet!
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    Sorry to hear about this Hatter, I've unfortunately have lost alot of people in my life, and it never gets easier. You will heal and return to some sort of normalcy over time, as long as you remember she is not gone she is just watching over you from a higher place.
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    Just be careful about how everything lines up on those back windows...
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    saw this on friends post
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    Nope, Nope, "In God we Trust, all others pay cash"
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    Dude those are cool freakin' boats! I think if you can afford to shell out for the titan it will feed full 15" vinyl otherwise you will have to cut down any quality vinyl you buy. It also has way more cutting force which may never matter but very well could should you decide to do some carbon fiber or something. You can probably get some business once you get good enough to start having the sweetest graphics at the races. May take a while to achieve ROI but it's tons of fun and if you look at it like a new hobby it will at least have the potential to pay for itself over time which very few hobbies can offer. There are other factors to consider such as cutting is only one piece of the puzzle. Design is another as is install. Design can be handled with Inkscape (free open source vector program) and install on smaller stuff like you are going to start out with won't be too tough but plan on doing things over a few times.
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    Installed this one Friday evening. Not a fan of it being over the letter change sign but that was out of my hands.
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    I did a job last year .. and the shop i did did a music video and my work is in it @ 13 seconds is my work just something cool lol I know the music sucks but oh well!!! hehe
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    Wedding GAME OVER-1.eps
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    Yep like you said the music( I would not call it that lol ) sucks big time your work looks good. That is something else I never figured out tatts all over ....my son has full sleeves etc but definatley not my cup of coffee
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    its a simple cut situation...i would have told her, these things and supplies cost me money, my time is valuable and not free..and i am not a "non-profit" business...lol. Every now and then i do something for my mom/dad, brother/sister, and of course my wife, and her brothers, most of the time i do it for free, her family is very generous and they will always pay me, either with money or food,lol. but anytime i do a shirt for free for my mom or dad or bro and sister, the shirt has to have my logo/name on it somewhere...lol
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    I forgot to update you guys. I went and spoke with a JAG attorney about the situation and he basically laughed his butt off and told me she was an idiot. He helped me write and email back to her basically telling her such. I haven't heard a thing back from her in about 2 weeks.
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    I wasn't going to take anymore but Skarekrow I had to have that 1. Thanks.
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    I have had the Business debit card for awhile back when I use to make custom hobby decals. I use that card for everything business.
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    Here's a seamless one I made a while back... Chevron Pattern.svg Chevron Pattern.eps
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