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pressing transfers bigger than the heat press ?

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Hi ,

  I bought a 6 in 1 heat press from e-bay before USCutter started selling them ;( . It has a 12" X 12" plate for T-shirts which is not big enough for full sized decals on the back ( NOT good ) . I'm just getting around to experimenting again , but thought i would ask a few questions before i get aggravated & leave it alone again ( took months last time to get interested again ) .

If I press bigger than than 12"   ( should i keep the transfers to 10" ? ) decals , can i just press the center then each side ? I got thru wasting several shirts & a bunch of transfers getting to where i am at now . Should i use the same heat & timing ( on this press 380 degrees & 10 seconds ? .. sounds like my sex life BTW :) )

thanks in advance , Rodger

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