SC2 Powers On, Screen lights up but blank, no zeroing

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I went to use my cutter today, turned it on, and there's nothing on the screen, though it is powered and lit up, and the machine doesn't zero and nothing moves. None of the buttons do anything. The fuse next to the power cord is good. I didn't find anything on the forums like this, but who knows what to search really. Any help would be appreciated. Otherwise I'll give the support number a call tomorrow.

Thanks a lot.

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Hey Blake, sorry to hear your machine is having a problem. It's unusual for a cutter to simply decide to cease functioning out of the clear blue sky.

What you are describing is a failure of the unit to complete the start-up self test routine. In other words, it doesn't recognize itself.

Very hard to troubleshoot a cutter that simply is dead like this. The issue could be related to several points ---  One, the power supply may be malfunctioning and not providing correct line output to the circuitboard. Two, the motherboard (primary circuitboard) could have a blown chip on it. Three, there is an internal component that's not working or somehow had a cable get disconnected (anything from the display, to the motors, to the carriage).

Here's what you can do right now, as a first option:  Remove the left and right panels (end caps) and then release the two forward-most side screws holding the top cover in place (the cover tilts onto the back screws, like a hinge). You are now seeing the entire ribbon cable for the display and the carriage. At the right side, there is a microswitch (limiter switch) that tells the cutter where the carriage has traveled to the end of the line. Verify that this switch is acutating properly and is correctly aligned. Rarely will it break, but it is possible.

Let us know what you find.

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