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Hi guys...

And when we plug in a USB cable and nothing happens?

The computer doesn't recognize the plotter or anything!

Another detail, I'm also having problems with the serial port, I install and configure it via serial, port speed at 9600, all OK, I've tried to install as many different drivers as possible, at least 6 different drivers, the plotter when it comes to cutting, makes 1 full cut and then nothing else happens.

I've tried using printouts directly from Corel, I've tried using plugins, nothing worked!

I've tried it on Windows 7, 8 and also 10!

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Danny, please start your own thread.

When you do, indicate what software you are using (VinylMaster is preferred, and SignBlazer will also suffice ---  RedSail driver --- but you are saying Corel with plugins, which is not really an ideal method for MH series units with their serial emulation chipset).

Also, you indicate that the cutter completes a full cut, then fails, can you be more detailed in what you were doing when that occurs?

When you say "6 different drivers" can you explain what this means?

Finally, there is no such thing as 'printouts' when describing plotter activity.

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