VinylMaster 4.3 and importing eps files

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I upgraded my computer and when I installed VinylMaster on it with my PSN the install went fine and it is seeing my cutter and cutting with no problem.  

The only issue I noticed is when I import an eps file instead of allowing me to paste it into the current page I am working in/on it automatically opens up a new page in the current file with the imported file being the only thing on the page, there is a check box when you import that says to paste in current page that you have to check so it will not open a new page. 

The problem is you have to check that box each time and if you don't it opens that new page, I have found nowhere to permanently have that check box checked. To get rid of the new page you have to go into layout and choose delete pages to get rid of the new page. 

The old computer had version 4.2 on it and it did not open a new page on import of eps files. 

I import a lot of eps files and this is really irritating.

Any advice would be appreciated.




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On 12/12/2021 at 4:46 PM, haumana said:

Have you also tried reaching out to VM with this issue?

I sent them a message on 12/14/21 and to date have not had a response from them.

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