Li'l Popeye

Some work I have done.

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Hello, I'm new here, but have been making decals since 2008 once in a while with a Roland CX24.
Since 2021 I use a Vevor KI-720 vinyl cutter.

Here is some of my work.


^Decals on this car and trailer have been made with the Vevor vinyl cutter. The trailer original was white, we have wrapped it with black vinyl before applying decals.

Tractor-Pulling Edewecht  am 6.+7.8.2011 700.JPG

^Our pulling tractor. Decals have been made by ourselves.  


^One of my homemade minibikes. "Herbie" theme applied.


^Another homemade minibike of me with all decals applied.


^Applying decals to minibike parts. The grey background is also vinyl. Popeye's head consists of: Black, white, light pink, pink, yellow and brown.


^Designed with combination of Gimp, Inkscape and Signmaster. Cut with the new Vevor vinyl cutter KI-720.

^My first ever HTV job. These are 100% polyester safety vests. I have made some tests before with normal t shirt. 

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Awesome pulling tractor Pop. They do a little of that in my area. (Idaho)

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We have stopped with tractorpulling a couple of years ago. It was a bit time consuming...

I recently did another job; a 2-color flex transfer on T-shirts.
Material used is Siser PS easyweed.
^First design, cut and peel the material (Siser easyweed).

^First I pre press the shirt a couple of seconds at 150-160 degrees celsius. As I have seen that at Youtube video's, it is supposed to get moisture out. Then I press the black for just a couple of seconds (2-4 sec). Just a tack press, what I call it.

^Peel the transparant coversheet of the black and put the red vinyl? on.

^Last press; both black and red, 150-160 degrees celcius for 15 seconds. I set temp to 160, but it varies between 150-160.
Pressure of this cheap press is hard to set correct, as it bends flexes a lot. If I set the pressure correct with a piece of paper, the pressure applied to a shirt is not enough. I have tried that with my first tests and the vinyl did not stick after the press, it came right of. 
Now I set pressure in a way that I feel resistance when I pull the handle over.

^I hope it stays on. I tried to peel it off, without result, so I guess it's good.

^Let's talk pricing (to compare Dutch/Europe price with US price):

These Shirts: 3,65/each ($4.28)

Siser PS easyweed: 8,60/mtr x 0,5 mtr ($10.08/mtr x 0,5mtr) $10.08/mtr x 0,5mtr equals: $0,0065..../square inch

Black and red material used for each shirt: 0,95 ($1,11)
Total material cost/shirt: €3.65+€0.95=€4.60 or ($5.39)

That is without costs for labour and costs for machines.

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You could have sold a ton of those shirts in Sturgis this week!  (just kidding, if you get the reference).



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On 8/10/2021 at 5:10 PM, Sally Young said:

Great stuff! I love the Popeye one!

Thank you,

In this video I'm making decals for this minibike that I have sold to Norway. It was a Herbie themed minibike, but I have converted it into a Norway themed minibike.
The video should start at the part, where I'm making decals. 
This was when I still had the Roland CX-24 cutter and the laptop with Windows XP and Flexisign.


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