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Graphtec Vinyl Cutting Pro, can I hire you?

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I excitedly purchased the Graphtec CE Lite 50, hotronix heat press and vinyl from Stahls.

After fighting with the CM4 software for over a week (none of our computers would recognize the machine, even with a new cord), decided to try Silhouette Studio.

Finally, it worked! It recognizes the Graphtec, and I was able to send a design to be cut.

After it made a bunch of wonky "scratching record" sounds, I realized it didn't look like it cut anything. (I had done a test cut, which worked perfectly, so I am confused how this would be any different).

Upon looking closer under light, I could tell that it actually did cut when looking at the backing, and had cut it like 3x the size it was supposed to. 

These learning curves are THICK, and very time consuming - as a busy CEO of an online education company, I bought this for some "me time" as a creative outlet - not realizing it would be more stressful than my actual job LOL.

This has been a lot bigger learning curve than anticipated, which hey, I'm all here for, but these trivial issues are really beginning to drain the fun out.

After being self-taught in MANY things, including online softwares, camera tech, etc, this machine has me absolutely stumped!!!!

I am looking to hire someone who can literally coach me over the phone/zoom to help me get set up and get cutting ASAP!
(I posted this in a Facebook Group, and had a bunch of kind people come to the comments with a lot of potential solutions, but I am really craving some face-to-face help and mentorship). 



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I would bet most people here muddled through the discovery phase much like you are doing now.

You did got it hooked up,  got it communicating with your computer, got it cutting the test pattern.

Now you have learned to watch the size of your graphics....yes, sometimes it imports way too big and sometimes too small.

Except for practice and're just about there!

Sounds like you are wanting to make shirts with HTV.......most important thing to remember:

MIRROR your text/graphic.  To this day I get so involved with the layout etc............... I forget to mirror! 

Now, before I push that cut button, I check one last time!

Good Luck.  Here's a suggestion for your first shirt!  I made one for myself.


Patience t-shirt.jpg

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If you are using Windows OS, (you didn't say which system you are using) Didn't you get the Activation code for Graphtec Pro Studio with that vinyl cutter?   (If new) .Only compatible for Windows.  That would be the very best software to use.  Valued over $1000.  It runs on Command HP-GL.   


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wonky "scratching record" sounds


Welcome to our world.

Be thankful you own a (relatively) silent Graphtec, not the SC2. That thing'll chase me outta the room, louder than these cicadas.

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