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Hello everyone, I got my first heat press on Saturday (photo attached) and right off the bat I had issues. Firstly, the instructions were not written by anyone who usually writes or speaks english,, very poor wording and spelling. Secondly, the photo of the controller unit was completely different than the one that came with my press as well as the instructions on how to use it. Thirdly, I had to search the internet to find instructions on how to use the controller I have. Even then, nothing was cut and dried, I had to play with the controller and after about two hours I finally figured out how to use it so the press would work properly. 

If anyone has the controller unit in the attached photo and needs help with how to use it please contact me and I will help you.



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You mean, like Chinese?

Clever how you came up with your Username!

If you want to assist people who have the same unit, what model is it?

This seems to be no more complicated than setting up a VCR -- Oh, Wait!!! Nevermind....

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Did the place you bought it offer any kind of support like uscutter call center?   Thinking they may know their own machine.   

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