Help!! - Cutter Reading Length as Width??

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Hi all - 

Still pretty new to navigating Vinylmaster Software & SC2 cutter. So far so good... until I tried to cut multiple of the same image!

Cutting preview in VinylSpooler looks as though it will cut correctly. When I send to the SC2 Cutter, it seems to want to cut the opposite - meaning inside of reading my "length" as 60.00 in, it starts cutting the second image on the width, which of course means it will and Does get cut off. 

Media Size  Setting

Width: 20.00in

Length: 60.00


Any tips or thoughts appreciated!!!! Hoping it is just a small button I have overlooked....



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Only thing I can think of is be sure you don't have the rotate option checked, although I thought when that was checked the preview rotated so I don't really know what could be happening.

Personally I don't use the copies option when I need to cut more than one of the same design. I lay it out manually and try to minimize wasted vinyl. The image you have, I'd rotate it 90 then shuffle copies around so that they fit in in the area you have and reduce vinyl waste. It does take a bit of time and if you're in a large production it might not be worth it but for what I do, I don't mind taking the extra time.

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